5 Ways To Spend Our $1M Travel Giveaway

TripADeal Million Dollar Travel Prize
Imagine for a second you won the world’s richest travel prize. One million dollars in TripADeal travel – that’s $200,000 a year spread over the next five years. What would you do? Where would you go? The ways to spend your winnings are almost endless.

But, maybe you’re like the rest of us and can’t get enough time off work to tackle several laps around the globe. If only…

Rather than keep the prize all to yourself, you may want to share the love, and the wanderlust, with family and friends – and have a damn good time doing so! If this sounds like you, then we have it all figured out. Here are the most inspiring, over-the-top, and even downright ridiculous ways we think you could enjoy the world’s richest travel prize.

A Private Island in the Maldives
Imagine 28 of your closest friends taking over a luxury island paradise! Did somebody say overwater bungalows, all-inclusive drinks, meals and seaplane transfers? Now that’s living!

Rather than keep the prize all to yourself, you may want to share the love and the wanderlust with family and friends – and have a damn good time doing so!

Expedition to the last continent
Not everyone has the funds behind them to experience Antarctica – one of Earth’s final frontiers. But you do, you’ve just won a million dollars of travel money! The Great White Continent awaits; round up 15 intrepid companions and get ready for a truly life-changing expedition.


Luxury Safari
Being in the midst of pure wilderness while staying at a 5-star game lodge is as rare as the Black Rhino. Imagine 40 friends sitting by the fire pit, listening to the roar of the wild and enjoying fine dining! Spot the big five from the cocktail bar or on a personalised safari drive in South Africa. Hakuna Matata, indeed.

Game Safari South Africa

You Deserve A Cruise
Book out a luxury cruise of Croatia’s Adriatic Sea… you know, the one that is home to the clifftop castles on Game of Thrones and the same one you see the celebs floating around in those gossip mags. Oh, and did we mention it would onboard the aptly named MS Yolo?!


Home is where the heart is
Sometimes the stresses of work and everyday life can make you just want to escape, but Australia is so far away from everything that weekends don’t allow for enough time to travel overseas. Well, that’s ok, because we have plenty of ways to escape right here Down Under – from Magnetic Island and the Sunshine Coast, to Brisbane, Byron Bay, Nelson Bay, Melbourne, the Flinders Ranges, Bruny Island and beyond!


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