How to Prepare for a Round the World Trip

A round the world trip is one of the most exciting, exhilarating and potentially life-changing experiences you can ever have. Jetting off to exotic countries, exploring new cities, immersing yourself in a foreign culture… it’s something almost everyone aspires to do at some point.

If you’ve taken the plunge and decided to embrace your inner Phileas Fogg by tackling a round the world adventure, there are a few essential things to take care of before boarding the plane.

Prior Planning Prevents Pre Travel Panic

Ever left planning to the last minute? Can I get a collective “yes!”. Leaving important booking, packing and decision making to the last minute is no way to begin the trip of a lifetime. Rather than ending up like the McCallister Family in the opening scene of Home Alone, ensure all your ducks are in a row at least three days before take off. Organise the neighbour to feed the dog, locate your passport (it’s never where you last left it), pay your bills, and water your plants.

Consult your local GP

Before you get lost in the beautiful scenery and excitement of the big wide world, take the time to visit your GP. Take the time to quiz them on any necessary vaccines, make sure you have enough medication to last the trip, and, while you’re at it, an overall check up never goes astray. Doing so could help eliminate any potential issues you may encounter while travelling.

A round the world trip is one of the most exciting, exhilarating and potentially life-changing experiences you can ever have.

Phuket – Thailand

Research, Research, Research

As you can imagine, a round the world trip consists of many different countries, many different “must sees” and many different cultures. Knowing what you want to get out of each destination on the itinerary will help you to completely make the most of your once in a lifetime adventure. Take some time before you leave to google and get your head around where you will be visiting.

Be prepared for discomfort by ensuring comfort

Plane rides, airport stopovers, delays and transfers can all be a little bit draining. Having items on hand to keep you fresh, comfortable and at ease will have you landing in each destination energised and ready to explore. Items to keep handy include a toothbrush and toothpaste (under 100ml), deodorant, lip balm, medication, and a notepad or good book. Being comfortable is so important, so don’t skimp on packing your favourite airplane approved belongings.

Your phone is smart; use it

Travellers are relying on their phone for fault-free travel more than ever. It may seem daunting, but certain apps can plan, assist and even lock down important aspects of your trip – with the simple touch of a finger. Some essentials are XE Currency App, Packing Pro (the perfectly packed bag) and Duolingo (a very well-designed app that assists you in learning the basics of foreign language). Just don’t forget your charger.

Great Wall of China – China

A round the world trip is a very exciting and amazing journey. Whether you have already booked, or are just letting the idea grow momentum in your head, this is the adventure of a lifetime!

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