Is short-haul cruising the next hot holiday trend?

Cruising is such a relaxing way to travel - there’s no airport security, no long stopovers or complicated transfers, and the itinerary is all taken care of for you. When you add in the fine dining, poolside pina coladas, live ...

One last time around the block

See Cuba’s classic cars before they disappear.

Anywhere on Earth in under an hour

A radical plan to fly rockets from city to city.

Take the L&F Pop Quiz!

Stress Head, Cruiser or Homie, what type of traveller are you?

Around the world in… hats

Get to know Mexico, Italy, Ecuador and more via their traditional headdress.

Around the world in… legendary monsters

The illusive creatures lurking from Scotland to Nepal.

Calling All Treasure Hunters

Solve a riddle and uncover $5 million in gold and other riches.

A new type of camera

One that bosses you around if you try shooting something boring.

Choose your own adventure!

Play along and your dream trip will be revealed...

Have a sketchy trip

The benefits of packing a sketchbook instead of a camera phone.

The entire world now streaming live!

Like to watch? Good. The most interesting webcams streaming from Japan to Scotland.

Boomers on tour!

Every predictable and embarrassing thing travellers in their 60s will do.

The Gods and Goddesses of Travel

Where to send your prayers in exchange for a nice holiday.

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