Reasons why we love travel

Who wants to spend all day talking about amazing holiday destinations here and overseas without actually visiting them? Not us. Our team have all been bitten by the travel bug.

We’ve scaled mountains in North America, sought enlightenment in the depths of South East Asia, biked across Central Europe, and road tripped the length and breadth of Australia.

Want to know why we do it? Some of our team have put it into words.

“Travel is key to my happiness. I love the discovery element it brings, along with the connection to all sorts of different people. I will never stop travelling (despite this blip) and look forward to discovering the endless beauty in this world.”
– Frederique, Logistics


“Traveling to me is the one way that I get to truly learn about who I am and who I want to be. I’m not sure if it’s the new people, cultures or places, or a mixture of all. All I know is that when I travel, I am thrown out of my comfort zone and thrown into character-building experiences that provide me with new perspectives on life and what’s important to me. I don’t think there are many other things in my life that give me these valuable lessons and allow me to grow so drastically – and that’s the reason travel is such an important part of my journey.”
– Jaye, Social Media

Venice Beach

“It’s not so much that I love to travel, I live for it. Travel can teach you so much about the world and even yourself at the same time. Meeting new people and experiencing different cultures, and seeing how their community and traditions have shaped their lives is a privilege. Travel and food go hand-in-hand for me as well, so I’m always seeking out new dishes to taste. They offer an amazing insight into the local area, adding to the overall flavour of the destination.”
– Chris, Publishing


“I just love everything that is different from what I’m used to. The smells, the sounds and exploring places I’ve never been before. The bonds formed between fellow travellers are for life. The opportunity to travel with colleagues has also changed relationships from just colleagues to great friends.”
– Melanie, Customer Service


“One of my favourite things about travel is the journey. From getting up early in the morning, heading to the airport with a buzz of excitement and anticipation, then arriving in your destination half a day or more later and stepping out into a foreign world so unlike your own. The weather is often so different, the city has strange sounds and smells, the food like nothing you’ve tried, and the people are speaking a strange language. I think the more foreign and unique the destination, the greater the experience and it’s vital everyone experiences this ‘journey’ once in their life.”
– Teige, Product


“Why do I love to travel? It means that I get to experience things that are different from my everyday at home. The smells, the noises, the food, the cultures. Even when things go wrong, as no doubt they will, they tend to make for the best stories in the long run. I like to explore those countries that are generally vastly different from my everyday surroundings. The more you explore, the more you realise that there is still so much more to see. It also makes you realise that even though on the surface we may seem different, most people want the same, simple things in life. A safe place to live, food on the table and a better life for their family.”
– Vanessa, Flights


“Reason I love to travel – pretty much my only motivation for anything that I do – for the food!! I love the smells, the aromas, the colours – I love how the food tells you very much about the resources of the country and the way the locals must live their lives. It’s enlightening and immersive – the dirty street food, the favourites of the locals, the fancy and not-so-fancy eateries … ahh I can’t wait til I can once again stumble upon a dingy food cart on the side of a street selling some delicious smelling unidentifiable sizzling pocket of something or other in a place I have to fly more than 6 hours to get to! It’s going to be heaven… or more likely just somewhere in Asia!”
– Julie, Finance

As Frederique says, this ‘blip’ will not stop us travelling. There is so much to see, to do, to taste and to experience – and that’s just here in Australia. Keep travelling, keep dreaming.



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