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Stress Head, Cruiser or Homie, what type of traveller are you?
Venture overseas in a group and you quickly realise something – while everyone thinks they’re a unique snowflake, there are three classic types of tourist and most people are one of them. Which are you? Answer our quick questions below to find out!

Are you that person who loves commenting on the local coffee or food or wine and how it tastes so much better back home? Do you enjoy comparing the cost of every single good and service with prices in Australia? When you see a famous landmark abroad are you compelled to compare the size with an iconic sight from your home state? You’re a Sherlock Homie! Homies are the types of tourists who only appear to leave home to remind themselves how much they love home. Favourite activity on tour: Checking the weather at their current location with the conditions back home.

Cruisers are the types of tourists who remain cooler than the other side of the pillow, no matter what the situation

Are you that person who never eats street food because you worry about catching the black plague? Do you freak out when your transport is two minutes late? When you arrive at a new destination, is it always with itinerary in hand, covered in handwritten comments, so you know precisely what’s happening next? You’re a Babra Stressand! Stressands are the types of tourists who fret about everything, making you wonder how they found the guts to walk out their front door. Favourite activity on tour: Keeping detailed notes in their diary about the cleanliness (or otherwise) of their hotel rooms.

Are you that person who will literally put anything in your mouth, from stewed cow testicles to fried grasshoppers? When it comes to getting around and sightseeing, do you just go with the flow? Have you ever said the sentence, “Take it easy, the journey is the destination”? You’re a Tom Cruiser! Cruisers are the types of tourists who are as pliable as Play-Doh and who remain cooler than the other side of the pillow, no matter what the situation. Favourite activity on tour: Smiling.

So… which one are you?

Image: Having flown halfway around the world and hiked to the top of Norway’s most famous fjord, Susan ponders what the temperature is back home in Ipswich.


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