Like to know how champions travel? Ask Tim for his top travel hacks to be travelling like a pro!

“I get as much sleep on the plane, so when I land, I beat jet lag” – ever wriggled your way through an overnight flight, supremely jealous of the guy snoring over there from take-off to touch-down? Tim’s tip? Work out the sleep times at your destination, and if the times match up, sleep on the plane. If not, push yourself through the normal sleep times of your departure city, and save it for when you arrive at your hotel.

Travelling with kids
“Easy, plan your day – swimming pool, swimming pool, beach, more swimming pool.” Kids love activities, so it’s a good idea to check your hotel’s child-minding and activities programs. You’ll find they love it so much, it’ll be hard to get them home for dinner.

I can’t live without my family – Tim’s No.1 Travel Essential

Switching Off
“I sit in the sun, I hang out with the family, and I love being by the beach, I basically do nothing”. These days of the mobile phone meaning you being available 24/7 can rob your holiday of precious time. Tim’s advice – just switch it off. Childhoods fly by, and you can’t get that time back.

Best destinations for young families?
“South Africa – the safaris – there’s rhinos, there’s elephants, there’s tigers, there’s lions, and kids love animals.”

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Video: Ask Tim – Tim Cahill’s Top Travel Hacks



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