Travel Predictions for 2021

A kangaroo on the beach in Esperance
Crystal ball gazing has never been an exact science, but we reckon we’ve got it down pat. As this new year unfolds, these are the trends we think will define domestic travel in 2021.

Travel will be a force for good
The old adage ‘It’s better to give than to receive’ remains true this year. It’s easy to forget the communities that were devastated by the bushfires of 2019/20 after the year we’ve all just had, but those communities are still doing it tough and they need our support. As state borders slowly reopen throughout the year, opportunities to visit and support regional areas will only grow.

Small group tours are in
Kayaking in the Kimberley? Crocodile spotting in Cape Tribulation? Australia is home to an incredible array of bucket list experiences. But, for a multitude of reasons including the time and distance required to access them, these experiences don’t always come cheap. However, there is a way to make them a little more achievable: small group touring. The intimacy, camaraderie and flexibility small group sizes provide can take your experience to the next level. We think this is the year they finally go mainstream. Expect to see a lot of new tours rolling out this year!

Viewing the Bungle Bungles

A boom for ‘bleisure travel’
Struggle to switch off from work when on holiday? You’re not alone. There are a lot of us who find it difficult to separate our business and personal lives, particularly now that so many are working from home. To that end, ‘bleisure travel’ – mixing business with leisure – is going to see a big increase as people switch up their work routines in different ‘work from hotel’ locations.

Last minute bookings for peace of mind
Spontaneous, spur of the moment trips will be the spice of life this year. Rather than booking your travels months in advance, don’t be surprised if sneaky last minute getaways work their way into your lifestyle, especially given how quickly situations can change.

Busselton Jetty

Tech-free holidays – a chance to switch off
Refresh your mind, not your Facebook feed. Nothing refocuses the body and spirit like getting back to nature. We’re spoiled for choice on where to switch off here in Australia with rugged national parks, beautifully forested hiking trails, serene lakes and everything in between. A break from technology forces you to relax, reconnect and simply live in the moment.

Saving now so you can splurge later
It’s only a matter of time until domestic and international returns to normal. And when it does a lot of people plan to travel in style! Saving money and annual leave for a big post-Covid trip is one of the big trends this year. A sneaky night away here or there will help you through to the end.

An aerial view of Daydream Island

Virtual travel will keep the dream alive
Just because you can’t travel in person doesn’t mean you can’t travel at all. The virtual travel scene has exploded in the last 12 months. Virtual tours of the Guggenheim in New York, live streamed cooking classes with Italian nonnas, you name it it’s probably available virtually. As uncertainty continues this year we can expect to see even more experiences going digital. Podcasts, augmented reality tours, and information sessions via Zoom are just the start.

Though 2021 has only just begun, we’re optimistic it will be a cracking year for travel.



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