A TripADeal Proposal For You

TripADeal customers Hannah and Joel get engaged on the Great Wall of China
Chairman Mao once said, “He who has not been to the Great Wall is not a true hero!” but he couldn’t have predicted that the landmark would also be the inspiration for lifelong romance. TripADeal Tours have been birthday celebrations, anniversary presents, rewards for a year of hard work, and now even for marriage proposals. We’re so excited to hear that TripADeal customers, Hannah and Joel, are getting married!

The lovebirds
Hannah 29, and Joel 31 from Newcastle, New South Wales, met six years ago spending lots of time hanging out at Merewether Beach. Hannah had been to China a number of times before, and thought it was about time that Joel could also experience the many unique things which China as a destination offers. Without hesitation, she booked the trip online.

Touching down in China, Hannah had no idea what was to come. They enjoyed the first few days being shown around Beijing, and listening to all the fascinating historical and cultural information shared by tour guide, Lisa. The Golden Mask Dynasty optional tour was a personal favourite, with its fabulous backdrops, singing and dancing.

…and next thing you know, he was down on one knee with ring in hand – Hannah

The Proposal
Our visit to the Great Wall happened on Day 3 of the trip. Joel & I started the walk together, but Joel decided to go further up the wall all the way to Tower 12 (He later told me this was so he could become a man – knowing what he was going to do on the way down). When I saw Joel climbing down the wall towards me, I was happy to see him – I thought he was going to take a seat and have a rest, and next thing you know, he was down on one knee with ring in hand – Hannah.

Was it a surprise?
Hannah says it was a complete surprise, and an absolute whirlwind of emotions came over her when Joel proposed. What a grand place to start the rest of their lives together!

The Big Day
Whilst another trip would be most-welcomed, the loved up couple plan to wed close to home in early 2020. Not only did Joel attain hero status in the eyes of Mao, he’s also one darn lucky man to have secured Hannah as his lovely wife to be.

The couple say, “China was a memorable and exciting trip we will never forget because it was the start of the next step of our journey together.” And TripADeal wishes them both the very best of luck for the future.

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Image: Lovebirds Hannah and Joel get engaged on the Great Wall



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