Five reasons to take a small group tour

Did you know TripADeal also offer small group tours?

From Vietnam to India, Azerbaijan to the Galapagos Islands, our small group tours of 20 guests or less are a great way to get off the tourist trail and discover sights the larger groups can’t.

Is a small group tour right for you? Here are five reasons to take the plunge.

You have more access to the guide
Group tours are a great way to ‘deep dive’ into a destination, to see the sights and experience a taste of the local culture and daily life. On a small group tour, less people means you have more opportunity to ask questions of the tour leader/guide and really find out how a destination ticks.

It’s more fun!
Part of the joy of travel is the people you’re travelling with. When you’re in a small group, you’re more likely to get to know your fellow travellers, to share a few laughs over breakfast, and to create genuine friendships that last long after the holiday ends. If you tend to be a little shy meeting new people, small groups can make it easier to relax and come out of your shell.


Less waiting, more exploring
Hopping on and off the bus with a large group can sometimes take a while. On a small group tour though, you’ll be off the bus and exploring in no time. Small numbers makes hotel check-in and ticketing at attractions more efficient too, resulting in more time for you to explore.

You can get off the tourist trail
Smaller group sizes often means smaller buses, which can access streets and attractions the larger coaches can’t. As a result, itineraries have more freedom to get off the tourist trail and take in lesser known (but just as amazing) sights that many of the big tour groups tend to skip.

Itineraries are more flexible
Group tours often operate to strict timetables, but on a small group tour there tends to be a little more flexibility. You still need to follow the itinerary, but if the whole group wants to spend more time at a particular site and less at another, there’s more wiggle room to make it happen.

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