Why We’re Loving Colombia

Why we love Colombia
Colombia is one of the most exotic and alluring destinations in the world.

The only country in South America with coastlines on both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, Colombia boasts an incredibly diverse landscape that hosts several regions with an eclectic mix of cultures, traditions and foods. Here are just a few reasons we love the place!

A well-kept secret
Today, Colombia is far from the scenes of the famous Netflix show ‘Narcos’. What once was a country torn apart by several civil wars has now blossomed into a thriving tourist destination. Backpackers in the early 2000’s first reported stories of charming colonial towns and exotic Caribbean beaches at incredibly affordable prices. Today, foreign investment and a stable government have created a safe climate for tourists to enjoy the fruits of the country.

Soaring Andean summits
The Andes are the longest continental mountain range in the world, forming a continuous highland along the western edge of South America. The section that crosses through Colombia is incredibly unique in that it starts in a warm climate and makes its way south towards the colder mountains of Peru. The outcome of this unique landscape is incredible cloud forests, subtropical highlands and fertile soils.

Colombia should by all rights be one of the world’s top travel destinations.

Extraordinary culture
Built by miners in 1932 as a place to pray for protection before starting work each day, the Zipaquirá Salt Cathedral is subterranean structure 200 metres below the entry to the salt mines.The temple at the bottom has three sections, representing the birth, life, and death of Jesus, with hand-carved ornaments and bespoke architectural details. Today it is considered one of the most notable achievements of Colombian architecture.

Unspoiled Caribbean coast
Sun-soaked and rich in culture, Colombia’s dramatic Caribbean coastline is the country’s enchanting crown, capping the country with a myriad of ecosystems and vibrant cityscapes. In Cartagena, colonial architecture combines seamlessly with dazzling sky scrapers on the shorefront, sandy palm-lined beaches provide an ideal setting for travellers, buzzing streets offer delectable foods and serenading street performers steal the hearts of those perusing the artisan markets.

Coffee Plantations
There’s so much more to coffee than just a beverage created to give you a caffeine kick. It’s a culture, a lifestyle and, for many Colombians, a way to provide meals and support for their family. Touted as the world’s most premier coffee region, the Colombian coffee story is as complicated as it is beautiful, and as educational as it is confusing. From plucking the beans to sampling different varietals to understanding the complicated backstory of coffee production, a visit to a coffee plantation simply must be on your radar the next time you’re planning a trip to Colombia.

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