Summer in New York City

6 ways to take a bite out of the Big Apple
The city so nice, they named it twice. Maybe it’s the energy or the attitude. The culture, the food, the music – who knows? There’s just something special about the Big Apple.

TripADeal loves New York City and wants you to make the most out of your time on holiday. So, for those of you travelling to NYC in the spring and summer of 2020, we’ve made a quick list of fun ways to get into the New York state of mind:

Take in a baseball game

Rock ‘n roll, apple pie…and baseball. You really can’t get more American than by celebrating America’s favourite past time. It doesn’t matter if you’re not a big sports fan. You may not even know the rules! Who cares? With two major franchise teams, the Mets and the Yankees, each playing at least 81 home games in the regular season, there’s plenty of chances to grab a hot dog, a cold beer, and a pair of cheap bleacher seats to enjoy the thrill of New York baseball. Yankee stadium in the Bronx and Citifield in Queens are also easily accessible by subways from Manhattan. So you can avoid the traffic jams and feel free to relax and just enjoy the game.

See a live show

The best of the best perform in New York and once that curtain rises, you’ll understand why NYC is the greatest place in the world for live theatre. With so many shows in and around midtown Manhattan, there’s always something magical to see. For those visiting from May to August, the Public Theatre also puts on performances of Shakespeare in the Park – a free event in Central Park – one of the cultural gems of summer. (Though, like the biggest shows on Broadway, tickets may need to be booked weeks or months in advance so don’t delay!)

Stroll along the Highline

The spring and summer months are the time to get out and stretch your legs in NYC and what better way to take in the vibe of the city than to walk the Highline from 34th street down past 14th street in the meatpacking district. Originally an elevated freight train track, this once-dilapidated eyesore has been transformed into a gorgeous walking path, with benches and manicured gardens, snaking through the Chelsea apartments adjacent to the west side highway. In the summer months street artists showcase their creations and string quartets fill the air with classical ballads, as the sun sets over the Hudson River. Totally charming, romantic, and cool – NY style.

Think you can have a bad time in NYC? Got one word for ya, pal…Fuhgeddaboudit.

Break a mental sweat

The museums in New York are world class, affordable, and, in the summer months, air conditioned! Take a break from the humidity in July and August to enjoy some of the best collections from around the world. The Museum of Natural History, the Museum of Modern Art, the Guggenheim, the Metropolitan Museum of Art – the list goes on. Break a mental sweat learning about the history of America’s indigenous peoples, the challenges of the Apollo space missions, or just gazing in wonder at impressionist and abstract masterpieces from the best artists in the world.

Take a dinner cruise around Manhattan

To really appreciate the beauty of the Manhattan skyline you have to hop over to Jersey city, New Jersey or take the L train to Williamsburg, Brooklyn. From there you can find a seat and gaze for hours at the glittering lights of the city. But there is another way to see it in style – by dinner cruise. There are countless operators in the city offering top notch meals and views as they cruise from piers along the Hudson or East rivers. Enjoy a juicy medium-rare steak, a glass of wine or champagne, and the gentle breeze as you coast underneath the Brooklyn Bridge. Get a glimpse of Lady Liberty standing tall on Ellis Island and the lights of the Freedom Tower downtown, plus the iconic Empire State and Chrysler Buildings shining brightly in midtown. A dreamy summer evening you’ll never forget.

Find a seat and people-watch

It may seem strange but sometimes the best thing to do in NYC is nothing at all. Instead, grab a slice of pizza from any hole-in-the-wall with an Italian last name, find a park bench, sit down and watch a million people pass you by. The quickest way to capture the essence of New York is just that – to go for a long walk, listen a bit longer to a street busker, maybe eavesdrop on a local spat between cab drivers – to just be in it. Pick a neighbourhood, hop on the subway, and go. It’s guaranteed to give you a smile and new appreciation for the city that never sleeps.

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