5 Reasons We Love Vietnam

Vietnam is a place of rich and varied cultures, of fragrant and flavoursome cuisine, unique landscapes, welcoming locals and so much in between.

While there are many aspects of Vietnam that we adore here at TripADeal, below are our top five favourite elements of “The Ascending Dragon”.

Viet-Nom Nom Nom
Light, fresh and zesty, Vietnamese food has distinctive flavours that can be easily identified by most. Vietnamese coriander, Vietnamese mint and Thai basil feature strongly in most dishes and are used to complement hearty broths, fresh vegetables and succulent meats. From family run dine-in restaurants to endearing street food lean-tos, Vietnamese dishes are always prepared with a sincere dedication to flavour. Crowd pleasers include fragrant beef pho soup, mouthwatering bao buns, fresh and tasty vermicelli noodle salads and of course hearty Banh Mi rolls.
Vietnamese Feast

From Tropical Coastal Towns to Misty Hill-Tribe Villages
The gorgeous landscapes and natural charm of the Vietnamese countryside is second-to-none. A must-do adventure when in Vietnam is to hire a motorbike and venture in and out of the incredible hillsides, quaint traditional villages and luscious riverside roads. As the country is rather long in shape, it covers many differing climates, geographies and landscapes, making each destination quite varied to the last. Venture out of the busy cities to the limestone cliffs of Bai Tu Long Bay, take a boat ride along the scenic Mekong and discover the deep caves of Trang An.
Bai Tu Long

Vietnamese History That Stands The Test of Time
Vietnam is one of the oldest cultures in South East Asia and the history of continued warfare in the country is well-known and well-documented in history. Each major city has museums, memorials and historic attractions all worth visiting. Most cover the major historical movements and events that have defined the country, including communism, the Vietnam/America war, traditional tribes and so much more. Seek out the Museum of Ethnology in Hanoi, the Cham Museum in Denang and the War Remnants Museum in Ho Chi Minh, just to name a few.
The Palace Gate, Hue

Warm Smiles and Genuine Hospitality – Viet Locals Have Got it Covered
From modern city dwellers to traditional hill tribes, the people of Vietnam are diverse and varied. The one thing they all have in common though is warm hospitality, generous natures and a genuine dedication to culture. There are 54 ethnic minorities in Vietnam, most of which inhabit the mountainous areas that extend through much of the length of the country, each having their own language, lifestyle and heritage. The Hmong tribe is from the northern Highlands and is divided into branches classified by women’s costume, dialect and customs. Take a sleeper train to the colourful city of Sapa, where you can visit traditional Hmong villages and purchase unique, handmade clothing and crafts.

Bountiful and culture filled Cities
Combine sightseeing and shopping in the UNESCO listed city of Hoi An. This metropolis dates back 15th century and “character” is its middle name! Enjoy the canal that lines the middle of the city or tackle the maze-like, winding back streets dotted with custom made tailors. Ho Chi Minh (Saigon) is a pulsating city that sits at a level of chaos that needs to be seen to be believed. The food scene in Saigon is not something to be missed, street stalls litter the sidewalk and produce some of the tastiest food in Vietnam.

Hanoi is Vietnam’s city of contrasts, with one side boasting the wide, elegant streets of the French Quater and the other side being the colourful and chaotic UNESCO listed Old Quarter – we suggest hiring a motorbike and delving head first into both. Be sure to taste test as many bowls of pho as possible, as Hanoi is the home of the infamous noodle soup.

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