Why We’re Loving Portugal

Portugal is quickly becoming a hot-spot for travellers from all over the globe – and it shows no sign of slowing down. From gorgeous coastlines and intricate canals to charming little towns and cultural melting pots, here’s why Portugal should be your next holiday destination.

Exquisite coastline and reliable weather
Europe hosts some of the world’s most dramatic coastlines, but none really stack up to Portugal’s sublime shorefront. The history and placement of the country is distinguished by the ocean and its position as the westernmost European nation. Portugal’s temperature is commonly moderate, it has surf-able waves and white-sand beaches. Looking for that Portuguese sun? Head to the continent’s sunniest city, Lisbon.

Cascais, Portugal

Culturally-rich cities
Famous navigators would set out on the Atlantic Ocean in search of riches, which ultimately helped create the cities that are still present today. So, it’s no surprise that Portugal’s cities are full of culture and history. Visit Coimbra, one of the oldest cities in Portugal; admire the hillside neighbourhoods and gothic architecture of Porto; uncover Lisbon, the country’s bustling capital; and step into Sintra, renowned for its museums and landmarks.

Gorgeous coastlines, intricate canals, charming little towns and cultural melting pots – Portugal is our latest pick for your next holiday destination

Porto is our pick
Porto is a bustling metropolis that should be witnessed at least once in a lifetime. With its narrow streets, steep slopes and picturesque buildings, it is a city of unique beauty. A bonafide cultural capital of Europe, it is known for its energy and artistic life. Cruise the gleaming waters of the River Douro and taste Porto’s aptly named Port Wine, because you can’t visit Porto without tasting the Port!

Tram in Porto

Intriguing Islands
Portugal is the launching point to so many other delights. The surrounding islands are simply breathtaking with their crystal clear waters, volcanic craters and natural hot springs. Why not take time to soak up the natural beauty of Portugal – take in sublime views, explore rustic landscapes and fully relax on a Portuguese island. Visit Madeira and Porto Santo of the Madeira islands – both of which are the summits of mountains that begin at the oceanic floor. These two islands host breathtaking landscapes established by volcanic rocks, walks and hikes, beautiful lush forests, as well as great seafood and nightlife!

Portugese Islands

Port is just the beginning
Portugal may be the birthplace of Port Wine, but that’s not the only quality wine to come out of the country. Due to its unique soil, Portugal hosts some of the world’s most delicious grapes, including Bastardo, Mourisco tinto and Tinta Amarela (black) and Donzelinho branco, Gouveio and Malvasia Fina (white). Indulge in the best of the fermented kind as you taste your way around the country, digesting flavours from region to region. The Douro region has the highest wine classification in Portugal and is famous for establishing non-fortified as well as fortified wines.

Wine in Portugal

Cheap Cheap Cheap
If you are still not completely convinced by Portugal, it has one final trump card – it’s one of the most affordable countries to visit in Europe. In fact, the cost of living there is ranked as one of the lowest in Western Europe. Furthermore, you really do get more bang for your buck as the exchange rate is typically good and the cost of dining, car rentals and shopping are all much lower than neighboring countries.

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