Hands up who knows where Georgia, the country, is! While the average office survey produces raised eyebrows and perplexed expressions, Lonely Planet has named Georgia one of the Top Countries you need to visit this year. A blend of old guard meets the modern world, Georgia is moving on up! Our travel specialists Alex and Teige have just returned from a trip there, and can vouch for its must-see status. So if you’ve ever dreamt of taking a trip to a hotspot before it becomes scorching, get your hot-shoe shuffle on to Georgia.

Where in the world?
This Georgia is nowhere near Alabama, or South Carolina or even Florida for that matter. Georgia the country, is a former Soviet republic gaining independence from Russia in 1991, and is found at the intersection of Europe and Asia. It’s bound to the west by the Black Sea, to the north by Russia, to the south by Turkey and Armenia, to the the southeast by Azerbaijan. It’s the 122nd largest nation in terms of land area, and that said land sports a diverse terrain from rugged mountains and glaciers, to temperate rainforests, alpine forests and sprawling vineyards. A haven to walkers, cyclists, horse riders and skiers, Georgia is the place for adventure.

The Capital
Tbilisi – it’s gorgeous, it needs to be seen to-be-believed-si. Lying on the banks of the Kura River with a population of around 1.5 million, the city has a history of being a transit route to the lucrative Silk Road. The architecture tells a fascinating story of various Georgian kingdoms and republics – medieval, neoclassical, Stalinist and modern. The Quaint ottoman accents of domed roofs butt against brutalist Soviet concrete. Some say the architecture in Tbilisi makes a trip to Georgia worth it alone.

Tbilisi – it’s gorgeous, it needs to be seen to-be-believed-si.

The People
The Georgians are also know as the Kartvelians, a stoic proud people of Causcasian ethnicity. They speak Kartuli, love a yarn and are so proud of their wine industry it’s reported that airport officials often welcome visitors with a bottle of red along with their passport stamps. Hospitality is a way of life in Georgia.

Photo: Tbilisi.

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