5 Reasons Sea World Is The Ultimate Kids Playground

Dolphins at Sea World
The Gold Coast theme parks are iconic.

Everyone has memories of screaming at the top of their lungs on an epic thrill ride, racing to the start of the waterslides again and again, or meeting their childhood character heroes. Each park is so different and they all have their charms, but there’s one in particular that we think is the ultimate destination for families: Sea World.

From interactive shows to educational marine experiences, kid (and adult) friendly rides and plenty of cartoon characters roaming the parks, Sea World has every base covered when it comes to taking the youngins on holiday. Oh, and did we mention the amazing lake stunt shows?!

Want to know more? Here are five reasons Sea World is the ultimate kids playground:

Learn about precious marine life

One of the greatest tools for protecting the environment is education. Learning about our amazing marine life, from dolphins to penguins and everything in between, helps kids to develop greater appreciation and respect for the other creatures that inhabit our precious planet.

Marine education and conservation are at the very heart of Sea World, with their team of experts ready and willing to inspire, educate and amaze our young generations. The not-for-profit Sea World Research & Rescue Foundation is also on call to help injured wildlife 24 hours a day, helping free migrating whales from nets, dolphins injured by propellers, or turtles caught in fishing lines.

Animal Adventures at Sea World

Get up close with amazing animals

Taking the education a step further, you can also get up close with an array of beautiful marine life; learn about their natural habitats, understand the importance of preserving these wonders of the water and watch them frolic in their purpose built areas. Kid-friendly viewing platforms and interactive shows make for the ultimate aquatic experience for any child. Guests staying at Sea World Resort also get to enjoy an exclusive Dolphin Discovery experience during their stay.

Animal Adventures at Sea World

You can meet iconic characters at Nickelodeon Land

What do Dora the Explorer, SpongeBob SquarePants and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have in common? They’re all part of the Nickelodeon stable of cartoon characters – and you can meet them here at Nickelodeon Land. Kids love the hilarious antics these iconic characters get up to on screen, and seeing them in person is pretty much guaranteed to bring an ear-to-ear smile.

Dora the Explorer at Sea World

Rides go from mild to wild!

Holidaying with kids is great. It’s an excuse to unleash your inner child, to go on all the thrill rides, eat all the classic foods and to watch all the stage shows. But, if we’re honest, it’s nice to slot in a few thrill rides along the way too. That’s why Sea World is so good. It has rides the kids will love, along with plenty of white-knuckle moments reserved for those taller than the white line. The new Vortex thrill ride has just opened, while Leviathan and Trident are just around the corner.

Jet Rescue Ride at Sea World

The stage (and lake) shows will blow your mind

Another awesome aspect of Sea World is the live stage shows and presentations. Gravity defying stunts on water, presentations with the Little Penguin keepers, a high-energy PAW Patrol show for the kids to get up and dance to, meet and greets with Nickelodeon characters, and even a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles stage show – there’s so much to see and experience throughout the day.

PAW Patrol at Sea World



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