Cuba comic
You won’t find Superman or Batman around much in Cuba. The Caribbean island has its own superheroes, named Fidel and Che, who are immortalised in this comic book about the revolution, which Jasper Daily bought from a street vendor in Havana.

“We visited Cuba back in 2008, and there wasn’t really much to buy in regards to keepsakes, so I got really excited when I spotted this comic on a street in Havana.

Obviously, Che and Fidel are big heroes over there, and the locals are really proud of their history, especially how they defeated the Americans at the Bay of Pigs.

I knew bits and pieces of those stories, but this comic does a great job of really illustrating everything that went down. It’s all in Spanish, which I don’t speak, but it’s a comic book, so that doesn’t really matter so much. You still get the gist.

The coolest thing is all the pictures inside are actually cards that kids collected and stuck inside, back when it was originally released. I remember thinking at the time how I’d spent my youth collecting footy cards, while Cuban kids were busy collecting cards about the revolution.” – Jasper Daily.


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