Why We’re Loving Mongolia

Relatively untouched by modern civilisation, Mongolia is one of the world’s most barren landscapes. There’s only 4.3 people per square mile, but despite this, the locals are some of the friendliest in the world.

Three million people live in Mongolia with more than one-quarter of the population living as nomads.

A friendly bunch
Vast stretches of inhospitable land mean locals compensate through hospitality. The locals pride themselves on their sense of community, and know that a bowl of warm, salty milk is always available to them at a stranger’s house should they ever need.

We all scream
Unlike most countries, winter is the season for ice-cream in Mongolia. With temperatures around -30 degrees celsius, there’s no need for a freezer so stall vendors sell their ice-cream on the street in paper boxes.

From the air Mongolia looks like God’s preliminary sketch for earth, not so much a country as the ingredients out of which countries are made: grass, rock, water and wind – Stanley Stewart, In the Empire of Genghis Khan.

Mongolia fits five times into Australia, making it the world’s 18th largest country.

Big cats
The reclusive snow leopard is native to Mongolia. Interestingly, the snow leopard cannot roar or purr.

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The Mongolian Stock Exchange is the smallest in the capitalist world and is housed in a refurbished children’s cinema.

Iconic leaders
Mongolian warlord Genghis Khan was voted one of Time magazine’s “25 Most Important Political Icons of All Time” in 2011. Trump that!

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