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TV star and travel guru, Shelley Craft unpacks her carry-on and spills a few tips for packing light while she’s at it.

1. “All my clothes are either black or white, so they mix and match.”

2. “ ‘Smelly Balls,’ which are designed to hang in your car, but I use them to keep my bag fresh, even with my shoes in there.”

3. “A handbag that works as a travel pouch, for my passport and notebook, and a clutch for nights out.”

4. “Sunglasses are essentials.”

5. “Ultraceuticals hydrating cream, for keeping my skin fresh in any climate, or after a long haul flight. Dry shampoo, the miracle spray! Travel perfume, because there’s nothing worse than smashing a whole bottle in your suitcase.”

6. “Trainers, slides and heels, so I can go anywhere, anytime!”

7. “Bobby pins and a straightening tong solve a multitude of hair dramas.”

8. “A card wallet. I never carry a purse, because I don’t use much cash, or travellers cheques, because they’re too hard to exchange overseas.”

9. “Charger and earphones for my phone.”

10. “Sketchbook, textas, and games to occupy my girls.”

11. “A super-light, super-maneuverable bag that fits onboard. I never check my luggage, so it can never get lost. It’s tight, but this is all the stuff I need for a two-week trip.”

12. “Scarf, which I use as a blanket in-flight, or for dressing outfits up.” – Shelley Craft.

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