TripADeal Insiders: Alexandra’s Foodie Adventure in Taiwan

Raohe Night Market in Taipei
The saying ‘a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips’ is true in many cases. But, when it comes to street food in Taiwan’s neon capital of Taipei, the saying should really be changed to: ‘A moment on the lips, a lifetime craving that same deliciousness once again’.

TripADeal Logistics Manager Alexandra Chakos recently visited Taipei with the sole goal of exploring its gourmet scene, seeking out local haunts and Instagrammable favourites. Needless to say, she’s already planning another visit.

Where did you go and what inspired you to visit?
Taiwan. We were inspired mostly by the food scene and in particular, the street food. I had watched many videos and read lots of articles about their street food and night food markets with weird and wonderful creations.

What did you enjoy most?
Definitely the food. I ate the best meal of my life whilst there (big call, I know). It’s called a scallion pancake and is similar to a Malaysian Roti/Paratha, but cooked with scallions and then fried with a whole range of fillings of your choice. My favourite was the corn, cheese and egg – most amazing street food I have ever had and incredibly cheap (approx. $1.50)!

Eating scallion pancake in Taipei

Were there any standout moments or experiences?
Eating the scallion pancake – I had it four times in a 30 hour period! We also visited the town of Jioufen, located in the mountains outside of Taipei and easily accessible for a day trip. It was beautiful, mystical and made up of loud alleyways filled with people cooking food and selling interesting trinkets.

What surprised you most about the trip?
How easy and stress free the whole trip was. The public transport was seamless, the people were incredibly friendly and the whole place felt very safe.

Who would you recommend it to and why?
I would recommend Taiwan to all types of travellers, either as a stopover destination in Taipei or a longer trip exploring all the amazing areas it has to offer. Foodies in particular will love it and even the most cautious traveller will have a great time due to the friendliness of the locals and overall ease of communication and transport.

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