Stuck at home, too broke or time-poor to tour the globe? Cheer yourself up by sending your taste buds on a voyage.

If you’ve been to Bali, you know the fiery flavour of sambal. Traditionally made by grinding chili, spices, and shrimp paste, commercial versions are becoming a staple in Australian fridges, as people try to keep their holiday memories alive.

South Africa
A global nomad, piri piri sauce was born in Portugal, got famous in South Africa, and then Australia, via the fast-food franchise Nando’s. Swahili for “pepper pepper,” its deliciousness comes from African bird eye chilis, citrus peel, bay leaves, and other goodies.

There are hotter sauces, but none more famous than Tabasco. Named after the Mexican state of Tabasco, this legendary condiment has been produced in Louisiana, USA, for almost 150 years. Incredibly, every pepper they use is still handpicked and barrel-aged for up to three years.

it’s become a global culinary phenomenon… Pop culture never tasted so good!

If there was a party of hot sauces, sriracha would be the hipster kid getting all the attention. Used in Thailand as a regular dipping sauce, it’s become a global culinary phenomenon, ever since an American company made a version with a rooster on the bottle. Pop culture never tasted so good!

Mexicans know the warm embrace of Cholula, like that of their own madre. With its trademark wooden top, and friendly family matriarch on the label, she doesn’t have the burn of other salsa picante, making this a nice option for beginners.

Marie Sharp is a household name in Central America. Her eponymous sauce is in most restaurants and family kitchens, plus a growing number of markets around the world. Made primarily from habanero peppers, Marie’s secret ingredient is carrots, which add a touch of sweetness.

Aussie cuisine is famous for combining international styles, but we’re new to the hot sauce game. Here to fire things up is Bunsters and their top-selling sauce, Shit The Bed. More than just an offensive name, their crazy combo of scorpion chilis, orange juice and goji berries has been a smash hit.


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