Mykonos is that friend who’s always up for some fun. The one who coerces you to take a day off, suck the marrow from life, and stick around for one more glass of rose after dark. For anyone lucky enough to have a free day in this part of the world, here’s an itinerary that makes the most of the famous Greek island.

With bronzed and chiseled bodies around every corner, why not jump on the bandwagon and start your day with a healthy bowl of muesli and fruit, plus some caffeine, from Cosmo Café in Mykonos Town. Boasting a varied menu, don’t make the mistake of asking for “Greek yogurt” with your order. That’s just a marketing term used in Australia; around these parts it’s called strained yogurt.

Is getting to see how the other half live a legitimate pastime? Of course, and the beach village of Psarou is one of the best places in the world to do it. A hangout for the filthy rich, jump on a quadbike and go check out the world’s most expensive super yachts bobbing on the ocean and rows of people all paying $500 a day for a chair on the beach.

Back on the quadbike, head north to Kiki’s Tavern for a quintessential Greek experience. This tiny restaurant with no electricity has become legendary, so be prepared to wait in line for a couple of hours, unless you get there early. Even if you arrive late, don’t stress, because glasses of rose are served along the queue and you can get someone to mind your spot while you trundle down the cliff for a cooling splash on the secluded beach below.

Having zigged and zagged all over the island, take the afternoon to stroll around Little Venice. This seaside village has great shopping, whether you’re chasing fashion, jewellery or just tacky trinkets for folks back home.

Sticking to the picture-perfect streets of Little Venice, grab a seat anywhere along the waterfront as the sun starts dipping towards the Mediterranean Sea. The restaurants here are almost indistinguishable, so focus more on getting a prime view of the iconic windmills to the south than what’s on the menu. A setting unlike anywhere else in Europe, you know a place is special when it’s touristy as hell and yet it still blows your mind.

Inspired to feel the white sands of Mykonos between your toes? Check out some of our trips to the glittering Aegean here.

Image: Mykonos Town in all its blue and white glory.



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