Meet The Tour Guide: Adelaide to Perth

Kangaroos at Lucky Bay
There’s an old adage that ‘it’s the people who make the place’. That’s definitely the case with locals, but it’s also true about the people you travel with. The right guide or companion can elevate a trip, taking it from good to great faster than you can say: ‘where to next?’

Take Chris, for example. As the expedition leader on our Adelaide to Perth tour, it’s his job to bring the destination to life. To reveal the little-known stories, shine a light on the history, and open our eyes to the unique wonders that exist along Australia’s most underrated stretch of coastline.

Chris with a group at the famous 92km straight sign

His mantras are to sing like nobody’s listening, dance like nobody’s watching, and to love as though you have never loved before. And to be honest and transparent in dealings with others.

Needless to say, he also has a passionate commitment to showcasing Australia at its best.

Walkers in the Valley of the Giants

“It’s a lifestyle choice,” says Chris. “It’s a great combination of work and play and I see myself as a modern-day vagabond. Plus, I love meeting new people and sharing my knowledge of the Australian bush.”

What are some of the attractions down in this neck of the woods? Oh, just little things like the Great Aussie Bight, the dry and dusty Nullarbor Plain, and the sunbathing kangaroos of Lucky Bay! And that’s barely scratching the surface of what there is to see, touch, taste and do.

A man standing at the Great Australian Bight

With many years experience as a tour leader under his belt, Chris knows the region like the back of his hand, but even he admits that he struggles to name just one highlight.

“That’s the wonder of this tour,” he says. “It’s the sheer remoteness of the southern coastline of Australia and discovery of the vast diversity of the landscapes, fauna and flora.”

Cape Le Grand National Park

But, with that said, there are quite a few experiences he rates pretty highly on the list.

“The wildlife is in abundance from the sea lions to wedge-tailed eagles and dingoes to reptiles,but the koalas at Mikkira Station just outside of Port Lincoln are definitely a highlight. I don’t know anywhere else you can get so close to up to 170 wild koalas in Australia.”

“I also love the vast group of banksia, particularly those around Cape Le Grand National Park near Esperance. We travel through some biodiversity hot spots. So again, the flora on display is in abundance.”

Banksia in the Cape Le Grand National Park

Want to say hi to Chris and discover the great southwest in person? Check out our tour here.



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