Around the world in… legendary monsters

The illusive creatures lurking from Scotland to Nepal.
From hairy, ape-like figures stomping through the bush, to long necked creatures popping their prehistoric heads up in a lake, every corner of the world has their own mythical monster. Are they real? Or really fake? Best not to over think it and just have some fun joining the search party.

Loch Ness Monster, Scotland
It all started with a grainy black and white photo published in an English newspaper back in 1934. Was there really a giant serpent swimming in Loch Ness, the freshwater lake in the Scottish Highlands? Plenty of people have visited over the years to try and find out. Eye witnesses have said ‘Nessie’ is 20 meters long, covered in black hair, and with a head that looks like a horse. Sounds terrifying, but you couldn’t ask for a prettier place to spot this demon of the deep.

you couldn’t ask for a prettier place to spot this demon of the deep

Bigfoot, USA
You’ve seen the famous blurry Super 8 footage of Bigfoot, the ape-like figure roaming through a forest in the north of the United States. Also known as Sasquatch, believers claim Bigfoot is taller than any human, its body covered in thick, black fur, and that it has a blood-curdling scream. A bit of a recluse, ol’ Bigfoot hasn’t been spotted in a while, but he must be cruising around, because there have been hundreds of footprints found all over, from the Pacific Northwest of the USA, all the way up to Canada.

The Abominable Snowman, Nepal
Roaming the mountains of Nepal and Tibet, The Abominable Snowman, or Yeti, is said to hang out on the most remote slopes of the southern Himalayas. Like a cold-weather cousin of Bigfoot, the Yeti is also described as a primitive man covered in hair, except with a big chin and (weirdly) no lips. First sightings date from 1925, when an English explorer caught the creature on camera. The forbidden love child of a cave man and polar bear? Possibly. Take a trek and try to see for yourself.


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