Revealed! Cheapest bucket list trips on the web

See more for less with these crazy deals
You know what turns a good holiday into an unforgettable one? When you score a bargain trip. There’s something deeply gratifying about getting to tick a destination off your bucket list and knowing you did it at the best price possible. To help get you this unique buzz, we’ve scoured the web and found the top 3 bucket list adventures that are all ridiculously cheap.

The Great Wall of China
More than just a wall, like Uluru is more than just a rock and the Grand Canyon is more than just a hole in the ground. China is guaranteed to surprise at every turn. Greener than you think, more modern, and somehow more ancient too. Just one highlight on this 10-day tour, includes taking a scenic drive through the countryside and mountains to reach China’s most renowned monument. And all for under a grand per person! Click here for more details.

Alaska’s Inside Passage
Carved by mega glaciers millions of years ago, Alaska’s Inside Passage is one of the great cruises on the planet. Along with all the fun, food and entertainment that comes standard with modern day cruise ships, this journey guarantees incredible scenery and some impressive wildlife too – from bald eagles to sea lions to whales. But why settle for just one bucket list experience when you can check three off your list? As well as sailing the Inside Passage, this 19-day tour visits Yellowstone National Park and the Canadian Rockies too… for just $4999. Click here for more details.

why settle for just one bucket list experience when you can check three off your list?

Taj Mahal
One of the world’s iconic symbols of love, no trip to India would be complete without seeing this world-famous tomb. Built by the Moghul Emperor Shah Jahan in 1630 for his favourite wife to enshrine her mortal remains, it’s said to have taken 20,000 artisans over 20 years to complete. Not to mention the price tag of over a $1 billion Aussie dollars! Fall in love with the place yourself on this nine-day tour for under $1700. Click here for more details.

Photo by Andrew Neel.


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