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It’s only natural that planning a trip raises questions and concerns. To help you keep calm and carry on with your preparations, we took three common queries (and one not so much) from people travelling with our friends at TripADeal and did our best to answer them.

Can I request a cabin on my cruise?
All cruise cabins that TripADeal book are done under an agreement where the cruise ship company holds the allocations and select the cabin position for each booking. So, cabin positions are beyond their control. TripADeal do put requests forward, but they’re not guaranteed, because as you can imagine, the bulk of people want a cabin in the middle of the ship, so there’s less rocking. On the upside, sometimes this can lead to an upgrade, so keep your fingers crossed!

What happens if there’s civil unrest or a natural disaster where I’m headed before I leave?
While they’re extremely rare, unexpected events like the ones you’ve listed can wreak havoc on your travel plans. Just ask the punters who were visiting Bali back in 2015, when the island was shut down by a volcanic ash cloud! This is one of the reasons TripADeal strongly recommend buying travel insurance as soon as you’ve purchased any deal, so you’re covered. Not only that, make sure your policy specifically covers natural disasters (or whatever it is you’re particularly worried about) because some try and dodge certain things by classifying them as “acts of God” instead.

make sure your policy specifically covers natural disasters because some try and dodge things by classifying them as “acts of God”

Does TripADeal have a store I can visit?
They sure do. Even though TripADeal are an online travel company they do have their HQ in Byron Bay, which has a shopfront attached. You can drop in there any weekday and one of their local travel consultants will be around to chat through any deals.

This is a weird request, but do you have any photos of a monkey onboard a boat, holding a lady’s hand, suited and booted, and smoking a cigar?
Yes, see above.


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