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“Judge a man by his questions rather than by his answers,” wrote Voltaire. Inspired by this nugget of wisdom, we picked three questions from people travelling with our friends at TripADeal and did our best to answer them.

Q. I get free travel insurance as part of the deal with my credit card, why should I bother paying extra for separate insurance?

A. Generally speaking, the travel insurance that comes “free” with credit cards is pretty basic and often won’t cover you in emergency situations. Whether it’s a policy attached to your card, or a stand-alone travel insurance product, it’s smart to check the fine print and see exactly what’s covered. Some core items you want included are cancellation, baggage, theft, personal liability and medical cover. Plus, any other requirements specific to your health and travel plans. If you’re struggling to compare policies and providers, websites like this one can help you make an informed decision.

Q. I’ve booked a tour with TripADeal to Europe at the end of the year. Can I extend my trip?

A. Sure thing. You can usually arrive early at the first stop and stay behind at the final destination listed in the “Important Info” section of each deal on the TripADeal website. If you want to fly into or out of a different city, TripADeal can look into pricing and availability through their flights department, so get in touch with them to discuss.

Some core items you want included are cancellation, baggage, theft, personal liability and medical cover.

Q. Do I have to pay in full when booking with TripADeal?

A. No, they also offer payment plans too. TripADeal have partnered with zipMoney, who offer interest-free loans for six months, so you can buy your trip now and pay it off later. The way it works, is TripADeal create an order with zipMoney on your behalf, so you can go through the application process. If you’re approved, the establishment fees are $25 for under $2000, $49 for $3000 and a max of $99 for orders over $3000. This cost is added to the total amount, which you then have six months to pay off interest-free. Be sure to pay the total within that period though, otherwise zipMoney will hit you with a hefty 23.9% interest on the balance.

Image: The one ride nobody wants to take overseas, at least you’ll be able to afford it with the right travel insurance.


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