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“The important thing is not to stop questioning,” said some German guy named Albert Einstein. Encouraged by that clever advice, we picked three questions from people travelling with our friends at TripADeal and did our best to help.

Q. I’m travelling to a country where the weather will be cool. What’s an item of clothing that’ll keep me warm, but not take up too much space in my luggage?

A. Depending on your definition of cool, a scarf could be the solution. Small and light, wrapping a quality scarf around your head and neck will keep you surprisingly warm. Plus, they double as blankets during flights or bus trips. But don’t just take our word for, see why travel guru Shelley Craft always packs a scarf, along with 11 other essential items here.

Q. I love a good happy hour overseas and enjoy nothing better than a glass of sauvignon blanc or five at dinner. Only thing is, I get wicked hangovers, so occasionally I end up missing out on sightseeing the next morning. Any tips?

you don’t want to miss out on seeing the leaning Tower of Pisa, because you’re stuck leaning over a toilet.

A. Overindulging is a great holiday tradition, but you certainly don’t want to miss out on seeing the leaning Tower of Pisa, because you’re stuck leaning over a toilet. If moderation isn’t your thing, then try following these three rules: drink a glass of water for every alcoholic beverage you imbibe, because dehydration is a major cause of headaches. Pop some Vitamin B before you start drinking, and before bed, to replenish some of the nutrients alcohol drains from the body. And try getting eight hours sleep, because there’s no such thing as a hangover cure, but rest can certainly help ease the symptoms. CheersProst! Kanpai!

Q. I’ve noticed flights occasionally get cancelled even when the weather is fine, why does this happen?

A. Very astute observation and one we’re sure plenty of people have pondered, while they’re waiting for replacement aircraft to arrive. Bad weather is just one of the reasons flights get cancelled every day at airports all over the globe. Fog, strong winds, torrential rain, hail and snow are all enough to ground a flight. But there are other factors too – stuff like maintenance or crew problems, aviation systems going down, late-leaving aircraft, security issues and airport curfews. To avoid these man-made problems, we recommend visiting Tokyo’s airport exclusively, which is officially the world’s most efficient, with over 92% of flights leaving there on time. Anywhere else, pack your fave good luck charm.


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