Machu Picchu, the heart of the Incan Empire.
The city of Cusco, in Peru.
Andean women often their hair in braids, a bowler hat, a blanket  and a multifold skirt.
Lake Titicaca, on the Peru-Bolivia border.
The baroque church dedicated to Saint Peter the Apostle located in Andahuaylillas District, Cusco.
Lake Titicaca in Peru, at an altitude of 3812m, is the world’s highest navigable body of water.
Uros floating islands on Titicaca Lake near Puno, Peru.
The temple of the sun or 'Qorikancha' in Cusco, Peru.
The Inca deity Urcuchillay was depicted in the form of a multi-colored llama.
Machu Picchu is a Peruvian Historic Sanctuary and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Machu Picchu is renowned for its sophisticated dry-stone walls that fuse huge blocks.
Machu Picchu was built in the classical Inca style, with polished dry-stone walls.
With a metropolitan population over 10.7 million, Lima is one of the largest cities in the Americas.
The Huaca Pucllana is an adobe and clay pyramid located in the middle of Lima.
Ccaccaccollo women use ancient techniques to weave alpaca and llama wool.
The Galapagos extension offers an optional cable car trip to Pichincha Volcano in Quito, Ecuador.
Aguas Calientes, located in the Cusco region near Machu Picchu, offers natural hot baths.
A 19-day with Galapagos Islands (Ecuador) extension is available with this Peru package.
The Galapagos Islands in Ecuador are home to the Galapagos tortoise (extension available)

11 Day 2 for 1 Peru

  • Visit the mist-shrouded ruins of Machu Picchu
  • Explore Cusco, Lake Titicaca & the Andes Mountains
Includes Return International Flights