TripADeal’s Ultimate Pre Travel Checklist

Pre Travel Prep = Relaxing on a beach
There’s no better feeling than the rush you get from embarking on a yearly holiday. The freedom that comes with escaping, the butterflies in your tummy at the thought of never having stepped foot in your destination.

Rest assured, there’s nothing to fear with a little bit of prior preparation. So here’s TripADeal’s Ultimate Pre Travel Checklist.

1. Spending Money
Ever had a card swallowed up in an overseas ATM, or declined in an eftpos machine? It happens. Banks are cautious, and rightly so – so they may put a block on your card when suspicious activity occurs. Let your bank know you’re travelling – that way they know that the designer handbag purchase in Milan was actually by you, and not some case of stolen identity!

2. Currency
Want to know if the shop owner in that Morocco souk is really giving you a bargain? Download the XE currency converter app for daily, up-to-date conversions.

3. Weather
We’re blessed with mostly good weather in Oz, but other destinations can experience extreme seasons that require very specific clothing. Check local weather forecasts so you can pack accordingly.

4. Carry on luggage
Lost luggage – sometimes it happens! And a trashy airport novel, magazine and eye-mask are not going to get you through a night without your checked luggage. Pack essentials in your carry on – mobile phone, eye glasses or contacts, medication, spare clothes, money and travel documents.

5. Power
Fried hairdryers, and a mobile phone you can’t charge – it pays to know which power sockets and voltages are in your destination country. Check which type of adaptors you might need for your devices here.

6. Mobiles
Unless you want a phone-bill more expensive than your holiday, it’s a good idea to switch roaming off, use hotel wi-fi and contact your service provider for discounted packages that may exist to keep your mobile phone costs as low as possible.

7. Social Media
How do you plan to keep in contact with loved ones? Some countries don’t allow social media sites like Facebook, or Messenger but apps like WeChat (essential for China!) or Whatsapp might be useful.

8. Language
Translator apps like Google Translate take all the stress out of language differences. Perfect to use in a taxi, with hotel staff or an emergency. It’s also a good idea to write down any food allergies on a card in your wallet, so wait staff know your requirements.

9. Legal
Responsible travel is key. Make sure you’re aware of local customs, laws, regulations and register with DFAT before you leave ( or

10. Insurance
TripADeal recommends you take out a Comprehensive Insurance Policy with cancellation cover. Keep your policy number and emergency contact info with you and your travelling partner.

Consult your doctor regarding taking medication overseas, ensuring you have enough medication whilst travelling, whether you need to carry prescriptions with you and any immunisations required for entry. We suggest taking a copy of your itinerary to your GP.

12. Spell check
Cross check you Passport, tickets and Visa match each other exactly. People are often refused boarding because of a spelling mistake or incorrectly entered date.

13. Final check
Set a reminder to check your flight number and details 24 hours prior to travel to ensure no cancellations or delays have occurred. There’s no easier to way to get a sound sleep the night before travelling.

Now all that’s left is to enjoy your holiday, happy travels!



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