Tim, We Love Him

Life is lived at top speed these days. To be at the top of your game you’ve got to work hard, play hard. So we’ve ask Tim Cahill, our Brand Ambassador, where and with whom he likes to re-charge between seasons – because even a Socceroo needs a holiday!

Where was the last place you took the family on holiday?
The last place I took the family on holiday was actually to New York. New York in summer is great, kicking a football in the backyard and spending time by the pool with my kids. It’s close to the Caribbean, and we can nip over to the Bahamas which is only 3 hours away. Then in winter you get a white Christmas, and can go to Central Park, ice skate, get to see the sights, and visit the beautiful restaurants.

What’s your favourite destination?
There’s quite a few. I’d have to say South Africa and Mauritius. With South Africa, my kids absolutely loved it, taking in the incredible wildlife on safari. It’s great getting up early in the morning, leaving in a truck and travelling through the wilderness. Mauritius was really special as well. It’s a beautiful island and the resort we stayed at was stunning. When you play so many games, you really cherish a holiday. Outside of those two spots, if we’re pushed for holiday time but have a day or two to fit in between New York and Australia, we’ve really enjoyed doing a stopover halfway in Hawaii.

You’ve got to think about the memories that you share with your children and you can never get back.

On travelling with children?
I want to try and make a family holiday special, you’ve got to think about the memories that you share with your children and you can never get back. Between my club and national team commitments, we have very few chances to go on holidays as a family so we always try to make the most of any opportunity. Each year I say to my wife and kids: ‘you know what, this two weeks is yours’. I like to let them choose our destination, if they’re happy then I know I will be too!

On family?
It’s everything.

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