The secret joys of travel

Get more from your next trip by tapping into these overlooked delights.
When it comes to the benefits of travel, everyone knows about the big-ticket items, like plenty of relaxation and inspiration. But there’s a bundle of smaller delights that come free with every holiday, which often slip by unnoticed. Here are a few of our favourites…

Solitude: Long haul flights are the best and don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. Where else in the modern world are you completely unplugged and uncontactable for hours on end? Where else can you watch the latest Adam Sandler movie free from shame? And where else do servants deliver food and booze, night and day, along with a little pillow and blankey to drool on, after you eventually pass out?

Abundance: While most Australians don’t get to become millionaires, it’s easy to live like one (at least for a little while) in countries like Vietnam and Bali. Thanks to the magic of currency exchange, a few hard-earned Aussie dollars can become millions of Rupiah or Dong. And with exotic money overflowing from your pockets, life is transformed into a parade of shopping excursions, drinks by the pool, and eight course dinners, as you finally get to experience how the other half live.

Thanks to the magic of currency exchange, a few hard-earned Aussie dollars can become millions of Rupiah or Dong.

Maximum curiosity: No one’s stopping to take a photo of the fresh produce at their local fruit market or the subway sign down the local station. It’s only human nature that we slowly filter out the little things that make our own backyard unique. Which is why it’s such a joy to venture somewhere new, recharge your curiosity, and see everything with fresh eyes. Abroad, you tend to stop and appreciate the sort of sunset you’d ignore at home and that’s good for the soul.

Minimum responsibility: Wake up late. Pour a glass of wine with breakfast. Stay in bed reading gossip mags all day. Dance the lambada until dawn. Why the hell not? Real life is crushed by responsibility, so celebrate the freedom that comes with being away from home and the opportunity to embrace a little spontaneity.

Image: How’s the serenity? Photo by Ross Parmly.


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