Along with the diamond ring stuck on her finger, Nicole Beattie has this sparkling four leaf clover hanging from her car keys, as a reminder of the time she got engaged in a castle in Ireland.

“I bought it on the ferry from Dublin to Wales, on our way back to London. I had some leftover Euros and we’d had such an amazing time in Ireland that I wanted a small reminder.

I chose the ‘Luck of the Irish’ because everything went our way on that trip. We had unseasonably warm weather, met some crazy locals, and were fortunate enough to get a few freebies and upgrades along the way.

Being something I see every day, it often transports me back to Ireland for a moment.

There were so many highlights on that trip, but getting engaged while staying in a 15th Century castle in Ennis was pretty special.

This was my second time to Ireland and it’s one of my favourite places on earth. The people are like no other – so genuine, so kind, and they’ve got a wicked sense of humour. The countryside is just stunning too.” – Nicole Beattie.


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