Forget the expensive lessons and countless hours spent practicing a foreign language, because the latest gadget from Google promises to turn you into a multilingual master just by sticking some wireless headphones over your ears.

Like something out of a Star Trek episode, the new Pixel Buds that Google revealed recently can translate 40 languages using their Google Translate app. All you do is hold your finger on the right earbud and say, for example, “help me speak Spanish.” The next words you utter, the Buds then play out loud in Spanish. Not only that, but if someone speaks back to you in Spanish, the Buds play you the translation in your ear.

Just like having a personal translator everywhere you go, the technology appears to have almost no lag time, at least in the videos floating around online, so you’ll be able to engage in real-time conversations no matter where you visit.

Just like having a personal translator everywhere you go

Imagine, no more bumbling through your one pre-prepared phrase at the restaurant in Barcelona (“Dos cervazas por favor”), now you’ll be able to hang out and chat like one of the locals. Not to mention being able to understand all the nasty things they say behind your back!

Of course, there is one small catch. The Buds need to be paired with an Android phone to work properly, so using them overseas – the only time you’d really need them – could prove costly, unless you’re hooked up to free wi-fi.

Available in black, white and blue, there’s another feature where you can ask Pixel Buds any questions you have and Google Assistant (Siri’s rival) will provide an answer, which will be super handy if you ever get lost or just want to find the best place to go shoe shopping.

Oh yeah, it might seem old fashioned, but you can listen to music through them too.


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