Nothing polarizes people like the suggestion of taking a holiday cruise. Well, nothing except for marriage equality, climate change, and if God exists. So, are you Team Cruise or Team Landlubber?

If you’re already (ahem) onboard, then you understand the good times that come with seeing the world from a modern cruise ship. For those yet to walk the gangplank, we asked Ian Hunter – a bloke who’s done 115 cruises! – what makes the experience so great. Here’s his top 10 reasons why you should consider sailing away on your next holiday…

Value for money
“A cruise fare includes virtually everything from accommodation, meals, entertainment, activities and transportation.”

“Cruise ships offer access to destinations that are normally unreachable. Not only that, but then you have the option of doing a tour or activity when you stop.”

“There’s no denying one of the most popular aspects of a cruise is the chance of finding romance or new friendships.”

Only unpack once
“Once you’re onboard, the suitcase can be unpacked, clothes can be hung up, toiletries or makeup stored away in the bathroom, and the fun begins.”

“The variety and standard of entertainment on cruise ships has evolved to be the best in the world. I’ve seen everything from Cirque de Soleil acts to Broadway-style musicals to classic concerts.”

There’s no denying one of the most popular aspects of a cruise is the chance of finding romance or new friendships

“You can find food from every country in the world on a cruise. For Australian-based cruise lines they have master chefs like Luke Mangan and Curtis Stone designing menus and handling food quality.”

“What don’t they have on today’s ships? Outdoors, I’ve seen water parks, spas, rock climbing walls, dodge ’em cars, ice skating rinks and go kart tracks. Inside, I’ve seen bingo, computer lessons, flower arranging, cooking classes, yoga and full gyms. Or, believe it or not, you can do nothing at all!”

“I like how secure and safe ships are as a mode of transport.”

“Relaxation is the prime focus for most people on a cruise, so it makes sense that health spas have become part of the furniture. Massages, facials, pedicures, skin treatments and even hairdressers; you can really indulge in all the stuff you never bother do at home.”

Home to home holiday
“Today’s cruise lines offer above and beyond services. They’ll transfer you from your home to the airport, or port, as well as offer you discount flight options. And you can pre-book everything, which means you can relax as soon as you leave your front door.”

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