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“It’s not the answer that enlightens, but the question,” wrote the French playwright Eugene Ionesco. Technically, this means we’re not needed here, but we still took three queries from people travelling with our friends at TripADeal regardless, and did our best to help.

Q. We’re heading to Vietnam and Cambodia in a few months. We’ve been advised to organise all our airport transfers before leaving home, because you can’t trust the taxis over there. Is this the right move?

A. The good news is, if you’re on a tour, airport transfers are nearly always included. Check the details of your deal. If they’re not, or you’re travelling independently, it’s never a bad idea to sort a ride from the airport to your hotel beforehand. Landing in a new country is always exciting, but it’s often stressful too, because you’re forced into navigating and negotiating (using a different currency) before you’ve got your bearings. Pre-booking a transfer eliminates any worry of getting ripped off.

Q. Going to South America later in the year. Is there a Spanish translator I can download on my iPhone that can be used offline?

A. Si! The latest version of the Translate app from Google included an update that allows it to be used offline on iPhones. Seems like a smart move, considering that’s when you’ll probably use it most; when you’re outside the major cities and people might not speak English. Even cooler is another new function in the app that allows you to point your phone at text (think restaurant menus or street signs) and have it translated on-screen in real-time!

Q. We have a free day in Rome and another one in Paris. What do you suggest we do?

A. Oh, that’s easy – don’t plan to do anything. Most tours are so action packed that by the time you reach Paris you’ll probably enjoy some unstructured downtime. Not suggesting you lay face down on your bed all day, but why not head to the beautiful neighbourhood of Montmartre without a plan and just soak up the village vibes, eating and drinking like a local. In Rome, if you’re more comfortable having an activity booked at a certain time, check this out.

Image: Will you fall for Paris like Eiffel for it?


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