We’re doing what we can to assist in the current environment relating to COVID-19. If you’ve found yourself in a difficult situation due to recent events, TripADeal will ask that supporting information is submitted to validate the claim of hardship/special circumstances. Supporting documentation must include - written confirmation of reduced income from an employer or third party, Jobseeker documentation with supporting evidence of job separation due to COVID, Medical specialists confirming details that prove you are immunocompromised and travelling is not possible.

Please fill in this form with the required information and we will be in touch.

In instances where customers are experiencing hardship, TripADeal will consider the opportunity to provide customers with refunds even where contractual entitlements are to credit only and can recover the funds. For example:

  • Customers experiencing financial hardship as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic (eg. through the loss of employment or significantly reduced hours),
  • Customers may not be able to travel due to being immunocompromised.

When a claim is approved, the customer order will be placed into the current Refund management process. We ask that time is allowed for the team to process and detail the refund being provided. In some cases, there may be delays in processing the refund as TripADeal may be waiting for the money to be refunded from the supplier. This does not change the outcome, though may impact the timing of the funds being returned.

If further information is required or a claim is unsuccessful, TripADeal will contact you to advise you of what’s required or the available options to you.