Why We’re Loving Samoa

The tropical islands of Samoa lay just on the other side of Fiji, directly above New Zealand in the Pacific Ocean. Just a 5-hour flight from the hustle and bustle of our busy lives, it is a destination yearning for us to lay on its beaches, sip its cocktails and indulge in everything that is relaxation.

Yet when it comes to booking that tropical escape it is a country often overlooked. Why? Are we not worthy of its beauty? Or do Australians just not know what this particular destination can offer us? In answer to the latter, we thought we would take a little look into this beautiful country and show you exactly what everybody has been missing out on.

Tu Sua Trench

Stunning Natural Beauty
Samoa is geographically astounding and is home to long, untouched white sand beaches, volcanic mountain ranges, lush rainforests, blowholes, lava caves, and the famous To Sua Ocean Trench.


Sense of Adventure
Considering Samoa’s status as a natural playground, the islands are home to a plethora of outdoor adventures including kayaking, snorkelling, golfing, surfing, and of course hiking where following a little known trail could take you to a mesmerising waterfall.

Pacific Ocean - Samoa

South Pacific Water
The country consists of six islands and between all of them there is certainly no shortage of spots one can only describe as “paradise”. There are diving and snorkeling spots all across Samoa, each offering life-changing experiences for beginners and hobbyists alike. The clean, clear waters, abundant shallow lagoons, and a myriad of wildlife make it feel like you are jumping into an aquarium.

Samoan Local

Samoan Way (Fa’a Samoa)
Samoan culture extends back over 3,000 years, with the country’s oldest known site of human occupation in the town of Mulifanua – dating back to around 1000 BC. Experience “Fa’a Samoa” (the Samoan way of life) by checking out a nearby village when you visit. A proud and generous people, Samoans will make you feel welcome.

Samoa Market

Shopping at The Local Markets
The markets are a notable part of everyday life in Samoa. Whether buying fresh fish and produce or browsing the flea markets, there’s plenty to investigate. The traders offer locally made goods from clothing and jewellery to carvings and other handcrafts. Taste something delightfully fresh and new, or simply pick up some gifts to take home to your family.

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