TripADeal’s Travel Hacks

TripADeal's Travel Tips to have you jet-setting like a pro
Think you can’t make your travel experience even better? These TripADeal Travel Hacks will have you jet-setting like a pro!

Free H20
Unless extortion is your thing, don’t be ripped off at airports for life’s precious drop. Once you cross those security gates, water takes on liquid gold status where $5 for 600mls is a bargain! Take our tip, bring your own water bottle – there’s always a cold water fountain somewhere, and in China for example, they go one better and have hot water too! BYO teabag!

Roll not fold
We feel this one might be old news, but in case you don’t already know, rolling clothes saves a heap of space, and often wrinkles as well. Never liked ironing anyway.

Travel smarter, not harder – TripADeal Travel Hacks

Movies a go-go
Don’t spend hours on an international flight scrolling through the ‘new release’ movies and not finding anything you like or haven’t seen before. Put that Netflix subscription to work, and download in your home country before you go! Tidying up with Marie Kondo, Dirty John or The Good Place anyone?

Get a brick
Some planes surprisingly still don’t do USB ports as standard. Not to worry, take a brick battery charger pack, or better still, get one of those nifty charging battery cases like these.

For your viewing pleasure
Don’t have a stand for your mobile phone, no problem, take out the in-flight magazine, open it at the middle, and roll some of the pages in to create a cradle for your phone. Voilà!

No travel pillow?
Not to fret, grab your jacket, halve it and wrap it around your shoulders from chin to chin.

Take pics of all your documents
Take a pic of your plane ticket and passport before you board. That way, you don’t have to dig out your important docs to fill out your arrival cards.

Mark your bag as fragile, and it’ll be placed on the top of the pile, usually ensuring yours is first on the conveyor belt. Time is money people!

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