Got time and money, but paralyzed by the infinite choices of where to go next? We’re here to help. Simply read the descriptions below, pick the one that sounds most like you and – boom! – your next trip is magically revealed.

Is your wardrobe stuffed with kitschy woollen jumpers? Have you always got the air-con set on freezing? Do you dream about getting away from it all? Is Happy Feet one of your favourite movies? This is the trip for you.

Have you already taken a few steps on your spiritual journey? Do you find peace in sublime mountain landscapes? Appreciate a good korma with a side of naan? Have you read Shantaram? Know the difference between a bindi and a bindy? Is too much colour and sound never enough? This is the trip for you.

Is too much colour and sound never enough? This is the trip for you.

Do you love the rhythms of the beach and the sound of beating drums? Fond of the occasional shot of rum and a fine cigar? Have you always thought about taking tango or samba lessons? Would you call yourself a fan of vintage cars? Are you thrilled by natural beauty, whether it be a pristine jungle, epic lagoon, or just scantily clad locals? This is the trip for you.

Are you someone who prefers to graze a smorgasbord, rather than pick a single dish from a menu? As a child, did you play that game where you’d spin a globe of the world, stop it with your finger, and daydream about the random spots you’d discover? Is your favourite Jules Verne book Around the World In 80 Days? This is the trip for you.

Know your starboard side from your port side? Your bow from your stern? Have you always felt at home on the ocean? Turquoise your favourite colour? Do you hate the icy fingers of winter? Big fan of pasta and tapas? This is the trip for you.

Image: A scene from the Holi festival – what you’ve got to look forward to if you pick option two.


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