Why We’re Loving Croatia

We keep hearing it – “get to Croatia before it really takes off!”. Those days are certainly numbered judging by the megaphone-loud endorsements travellers have of the place, and the very fact that a certain ABBA-inspired film has just put the island of Vis on the map. Check out these fun facts about the Land of the 1000 islands, and get those tickets booked pronto!

Mamma Mia!
With a mere population of 3,617, the island of Vis is the new location for the hit musical sequel. Not even Cher’s white trouser suit could overshadow the ridiculously good looking Vis. But what’s that shrill we hear? Oh god, please don’t sing Pierce Brosnan!

The monochrome spotty dog breed and fashion partner of Cruella DeVil, the Dalmatian, harks from the Dalmatia region of Croatia.

Zadar, on the Dalmatian coast, is home to the world’s first Sea Organ, a musical instrument powered by the force of the sea, and known for its sunset which Alfred Hitchcock said was the most spectacular in the world.

If you want to see paradise on Earth, come to Dubrovnik- George Bernard Shaw

Not the car but the genius, was born in Smiljan in 1856.

Dubrovnik is a big ticket location known as the Adriatic Pearl as penned by English poet Lord Byron. It’s also the inspiration for King’s Landing in Game of Thrones and a location in Star Wars The Last Jedi.

Tiny Town
You may have no choice but to marry your cousin in Hum in Istria, the world’s smallest town with a population of around 20.

Let there be light
The Maglite flashlight was designed by Croatian Anthony Maglica, and suddenly camping trips are changed forever.

TripADeal travels to Croatia here.



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