In The Picture: Cait Miers visits Sri Lanka

Cait Miers
Travel and photography go hand in hand. Whether it’s trekking through the tropical jungle of Sri Lanka or relaxing on a remote beach in Indonesia, you never know when you might stumble across an unexpected sight or fleeting moment that calls out to be captured.

One person always ready to capture a fleeting moment is Australian surf photographer and keen traveller Cait Miers. Originally from the Mornington Peninsula, now based in beautiful Byron Bay, she recently visited the spice island of Sri Lanka for a photography workshop.

An outrigger in Talalla. Credit: Cait Miers

We caught up to find out what inspired her trip and what she loved the most.

How would you describe your photography style?
I’d like to think my images are relaxed, natural and relatable. I guess my style is just trying to capture people in the most natural way possible.

What’s on your travel bucket list and why?
I really want to go somewhere cold at the moment! I keep dreaming about somewhere with snow, so maybe northern Europe or somewhere that’s completely different to where I live now. The Mentawai Islands in Indonesia and also South America are definitely on my list.

A Sri Lankan local. Credit: Cait Miers

What’s your tip for a perfect travel snap?
Just always have your camera on you, because those moments will arrive unexpectedly. And always shoot from a different angle than everyone else.

Do you prefer to travel solo or with friends?
Bit of both! I love my solo days in between working when I’m away where I just explore cities on my own terms. There is really nothing better than travelling with a bunch of your mates though!

Surfers in Tallala, Sri Lanka. Credit: Cait Miers

Where’s been your favourite travel destination and why?
I love travelling and always find it an eye opening experience. Favourite destination so far would probably have to be a tie between Hawaii and Sri Lanka. I fell in love with the south of Sri Lanka when I held a retreat at a place called Talalla last year. And I spent some time on the North Shore of Hawaii in December and it was such a circus! But in a good way.

What inspired your visit Sri Lanka?
I locked in a retreat there at the start of the year and ended up making a three week trip out of it! I’d been there five years prior but wanted to go again and see how it’s changed. It’s cruisier and a lot more relaxed than you might think. When you first walk out of the airport it’s humid and the air is full of flavour!

Nine Arch Bridge, Sri Lanka. Credit: Cait Miers

Tell us what you loved the most? Highlights?
I spent some time surfing in Arugum Bay and really loved it. I think it could potentially become “the new Bali” that Aussies travel to. Let’s hope it stays hidden for some time yet. We went to Ella which was in land a bit and that was also very scenic and beautiful.

You helped run a photography workshop in Sri Lanka. What was it like?
I co-ran a workshop which we called Creative Flow. It was part yoga, part surfing and part photography. It was actually a great combination! The girls flew over from everywhere which was amazing! It was certainly challenging and different being in another country, but it was beautiful having such an amazing environment to shoot in.

Cait Miers in Sri Lanka

Surfing is a passion of yours. What was your favourite beach and why?
Peanut Farm in Arugam. It’s this little beach about five minutes south of the bay. You get a tuk tuk there. It’s got some incredible waves and every time we went there was barely anyone else there. There are also wild elephants that come onto the beach; it’s pretty incredible.

What do you remember most from Sri Lanka?
Definitely the food! And the people, they’re so beautiful and warm.

Palms viewed from the sea. Credit: Cait Miers

Why do you think people need to discover Sri Lanka?
Because it’s basically an untouched haven that’s full of rich culture, beautiful people and some of the best point breaks you’ll land your eyes on.

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All images credit Cait Miers.

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