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Heading overseas on your dream holiday?

Some countries require foreign visitors to obtain a travel visa to allow them to enter or transit through a particular country.

Arranging a visa can sometimes be a confusing and a time consuming process. To assist with this, TripADeal partner with VisasDirect to offer a fast, secure and easy service for Australian Passport holders to the below destinations.

  • China
  • Sri Lanka
  • India
  • Brazil
  • Trans-Siberian (China-Mongolia-Russia)

Please call one of our friendly visa experts on 135 777 to arrange your visa with us


For more information on the visa requirements for any destination, you can visit the Australian Government, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade website Smart Traveller.

Passengers who are not Australian citizens must check with their respective consulate or visa agency to determine what their visa requirements are.

*Please note, you will not be able to apply for your visa/s until you receive your final travel documentation which you receive approximately 4-6 weeks prior to departure. (excluding Trans-Siberian). It is your responsibility to make sure you have all relevant visas arranged prior to travel.
135 777 9am - 7pm Weekdays 9am - 6pm Weekends