Top Tips For The Return of Overseas Travel

Travellers checking a map
Got an itch that only travel can scratch? You’re not alone. After almost two years of open and shut borders and walks around the neighbourhood block, we could all do with a little time out on a Pacific island, cruising the fjords of Alaska, or even just on the other side of Australia.

But, you know what? According to the experts, the days when we can do that are just around the corner. They’re so close we can almost see their radiant sunshine peeking out from the horizon – and there’s predicted to be an almighty rush on hotels, cars, flights, and cruises.

So how can you guarantee your piece of the travel pie? It’s all about getting in now. The early bird may get the worm, but the early booker is the one who gets an unbeatable deal and saves.

Here’s all you need to know about booking and getting the most out of your next trip:

Confirm the entry requirements of your destination
It’s a new world out there. That means the entry requirements of old may no longer apply. Do you need to apply for a visa now? It’s worth a quick search to double check. Many countries and airlines have also made vaccinations mandatory before you can even set foot on the plane, so it’s essential to know and understand what’s required before rocking up to the airport. If in doubt, check the country’s border protection website to get ready in advance.

Jumping for joy in Fiji

Ensure your passport is valid
Remember passports? They actually have a use other than an expensive drink coaster. Now is a perfect time to dust it off and ensure it has a lengthy validity period. At least six months validity after your return date is the bare minimum required for entry to almost all countries. As an added incentive, renewal fees are also increasing from January 1, so get in quick to save!

Download your International Vaccination Certificate
International Covid-19 vaccination certificates are now a requirement of overseas travel. If you’re double vaccinated, you can easily download yours by going to the Australian MyGov website. This document will be linked to your passport and feature an internationally-accepted QR code for border officials at your intended destination to confirm your vaccination status.

Example Australian Covid-19 vaccination certificate

Book with confidence
It’s been tough to get away with borders opening and closing like boom gates lately. But there are ways to still have your cake and eat it too (and get back to that feeling of having a holiday booked and all the fun local research that comes with it). Look for deals with ‘Book With Confidence’ that list clear terms for date changes and/or the ability to Buy Now, Choose Dates Later. That way you can lock in a great deal now and sort out the finer details another time.

Come on get app’y
Marina Bay before breakfast? Singapore Flyer after lunch? If you’re going to tick off all the big sights, you’ll need a game plan. Forgot pieces of paper spilling out of your wallet though. A digital itinerary is a handy way to get a little extra inspiration on things to see and do on your free days, update your sightseeing plans on the fly, and sometimes even have real-time info on attraction opening times delivered directly to your phone. Some of our favourite apps are TripIt Travel Planner, Wanderlog, and Packing Pro, which lets you keep track of your belongings.

The amazing Singapore skyline

The most important thing you’re going to need though? A spirit of adventure! Travel is all about making memories – the good, the not so good and everything in between. It’s about stepping outside your comfort zone, having a ball and just taking each day as it comes.

Whether it’s Down Under, in the South Pacific or beyond, happy travels are about to begin!



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