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There are people whose names are exotic enough to inspire daydreams of travelling.

Akasuki, Osvaldo and Kungawo – it’s impossible to look over those little parades of letters and not start wondering about the countries and cultures where they originated. Inge Hellmrich is another good example.

“My mum’s Dutch, which is where my first name comes from,” says Inge. “Hellmrich is from dad’s side and he’s Australian, but we’ve been able to trace that one all the way back to Bohemia.”

Growing up in Australia, Inge (pronounced ‘ing-gah’) never felt like she’d inherited any Dutch qualities. But that changed the minute she boarded a flight home to the motherland in her 20s.

“I was flying KLM, which is a Dutch airline,” she says. “I’m 5’10” with blonde hair and blue eyes, but I never realised I looked Dutch until I got on that plane. All the stewardesses were trying to speak to me in Dutch.”

“I love looking at huge sets of numbers, crunching it all down, and seeing if there’s opportunities to do something better.”

As well as some physical traits, Inge picked up a love of data from her Dutch grandfather, who was a maths and science teacher. “I’ve always had a numbers addiction,” she admits. “I’ve always liked using numbers to make strategic decisions.”

As the systems and data analysis at TripADeal, Inge has found a number-soaked Nirvana, where she gets to spend her days submerged in a spread sheet with literally millions of cells of data. “I love looking at huge sets of numbers and looking for trends, crunching it all down, and grouping things together, to see if there’s any opportunities to do something better.”

Of course, there wasn’t always so much information for Inge to mine. As one of the first TripADeal employees – back when it was just two people and a trestle table – there wasn’t much of anything. “We didn’t really have a data base, or even much of a customer base,” she chuckles. “Back in 2012, there weren’t really any numbers to crunch. It’s changed a lot since.”


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