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Airlines and Airports

All information with respect to the airlines used is specific to the travel offer. These details are clearly stated in the Important Information section on the deal webpage.

Regardless of personal preference, TripADeal reserves the right to ticket you on any of the published airline(s) or their codeshare partners as listed in the important information section on the deal webpage and in line with the published airline’s scheduling/routing. Should a particular flight incur excessive lay-over period(s) in excess of 6 hours that was not previously mentioned on the deal webpage at the time of purchase - the airline or TripADeal will use reasonable endeavours to provide a lounge pass or airport accommodation and will provide these details in the travel documentation.

Wherever possible, international travel offers that include flights will provide flight class upgrade options from economy, premium economy or business class categories. These options will fall into one of three potential options as listed on the Important Information section on the deal webpage.

  • “Buy Now” - fixed price flight upgrade option(s) available at check out with a listed price
  • “Starting From” - variable in price, these flight upgrade option(s) are not available at check out but possible (subject to availability). You will be required to contact TripADeal to request a quote and purchase this option no later than submitting your Passenger Information Form.
  • “Flight Class Upgrades Not Available” - where we are unable to offer upgrades on the airlines scheduled for use within this travel offer

Airlines upgrades

In some instances, a request to pay for an upgrade to travel on a specific airline may be possible.  It is always strictly subject to availability at the time of ticketing.  Associate fees apply as well as any fare difference. This upgrade option allows passengers to confirm that they are ticketed with a specific carrier from the list of “Important Information: Airlines Used” section on the deal webpage. You will be required to contact TripADeal to request a quote and purchase the upgrade, prior to submitting your Passenger Information Form as ticketing can begin following TripADeal receiving this.

Flight forfeiture

If you wish to request to forfeit, in full or part, for any sector of your flight ticket, you will be required to call TripADeal to request this and receive confirmation from us prior to submitting your Passenger Information Form. Any requests to forfeit flights following TripADeal receiving your Passenger Information Form may incur charges and cancellation fees. All requests are subject to the airline fare class and rules, and may not be a possibility.

Any forfeitures, made without notifying TripADeal are classified by the airlines as a “No-Show.” A "No Show" on any included flight will lead to subsequent cancellation of all following flight sectors by the airline based on IATA rules and regulations.

Where a forfeiture request is made, TripADeal will use reasonable endeavours to provide a quote for a single sector flight where relevant and possible. The cost of a single sector flight may be equal to or higher than the cost of your original flight ticket.

Voluntary Cancellations

In the event you are unable to make your flight, for whatever reason, you must contact both the TripADeal and the Airline directly prior to check-in closing. Where a customer is required to cancel any flight or portion of their ticket, TripADeal reserve the right to further charge the customer any airline no-show fees in the event that both TripADeal and the Airline have not been notified directly, should the cancellation occur within 72 hours of travelling. Should the cancellation occur outside this timeframe, only TripADeal needs to be notified. For further information please see our Refund and Cancellation Policy 

Seat selection

At TripADeal, we do not arrange seat selection and cannot always guarantee that you will be sitting with your travelling companion(s). It is also important to highlight that some airlines do not allow pre-selected seats. We strongly suggest that you contact the airline directly upon receipt of your travel documentation and or arrive at the airport earlier to arrange your seating.

Frequent flyer memberships

Frequent flyer memberships cannot be used to upgrade flights or be used to determine airline selection. If frequent flyer memberships are applicable for the ticketed flights, it’s the responsibility of the passenger to lodge frequent flyer membership numbers directly with the airline at the time of check-in or by contacting the airline directly once they have received their travel documentation. TripADeal is not responsible for processing or recording your Frequent Flyer membership details.

Baggage allowance

Baggage information can be found in your travel documentation. The general rule is 20kg checked and 7kg carry on – however, this does vary from airline to airline. It’s advisable that you pack under the weight limit so that you don’t get charged excess baggage fees at the airport.

Customers are reminded that in the instances where a domestic flight is involved/included in your travel offer, the baggage limit will likely be less than allocated for international flights.  As domestic flight information may not be provided until within destination, TripADeal recommends all checked luggage is kept under 20kg regardless of the allowance listed on your international sectors.

Where seaplanes are used baggage allowances generally are 20kgs checked luggage and only 5 kg carry on.

It is the passenger’s responsibility to check the baggage limits of all flights.  This can be found under the “Important Information: Baggage” section within your travel documentation. This section will highlight the allowance throughout all your flights allowing for domestic flights also. All customers will be responsible for any excess baggage fees on any/all flights.

TripCase Tickets

Where a 'Tripcase' link is provided within your Travel Documentation, it is the traveller(s) responsibility to follow these instructions and to ensure you click on the correct link to view your LIVE flights. Airline changes can and often do occur after ticketing.  TripADeal manage these changes on your behalf prior to you receiving any of your travel documentation, however, following this, it is your responsibility so we ask you to please click on the live link (and not the ticket number as this will reflect the original ticket)

Any missed flights or alternate arrangements required as a direct result of customers incorrectly reading any documentation will be the customer’s full responsibility and liability as per the Terms and Conditions.

All other flight tickets

These tickets will be uploaded to your travel documentation, these are not a live reflection of your flights, however, current at the time they are emailed to customers. Following receipt of the travel documentation, customers will be responsible for contacting the airline prior to all flight sectors to check if any time changes, delays or cancellations occur prior to your flight.

On occasion, you may only be provided with a reference code to manage your booking directly on the airline website, as the airline will email you directly with the tickets.

Often internal domestic flight tickets will be provided to you in the destination. This will be highlighted to you within your travel documentation instructions.

Involuntary airline cancellations and delays

In the event of schedule changes or airline cancellations within 24 hours of travel, you will be asked to speak with the airline directly as this is beyond TripADeal’s control. If you know that you will be arriving at your destination later than planned & you have an arrival transfer included, it is your responsibility to contact the tour operator emergency contact listed within your travel documentation.

In the event of a flight/ticket being rescheduled or cancelled, TripADeal is not able to reverse this decision and the customer bears full responsibility for all costs or losses involved including costs to re-book flight tickets, and/or transfers/accommodation etc. to catch up with the tour. No refunds or free of charge replacement tour departure dates or other itinerary changes are permissible in such circumstances as per the Terms and Conditions Customers are advised to ensure they have a comprehensive insurance policy with the appropriate level of cover in the event of such occasions.

Name Corrections

The Passenger Information Form details are directly imported into our reservations, ticketing and/or cabin booking systems. Any fees and costs associated with the correction of Passenger Information Form due to errors made will be the sole responsibility of the Account Holder. Charges are based on the suppliers fare rules, cancellation and change policies relating to the booking at the time. Costs can involve one or more of the following, any fare difference at the time, full cancellation and the cost of new fares (should changes not be permitted), supplier(s) change/reissue fees as well as TripADeal’s change fee.

No Change Deals

Where deals strictly do not permit changes to flights of any kind, this will be highlighted on the “Important Information: Schedule of Fees” section found on the deal webpage. No customisations will be accepted on these deals and full cancellation of flights may be required for any name corrections.  Where this occurs, flights will be quoted based on any airline cancellation fees and airline fares available at the time TripADeal is notified of the correction being required.

Blackout Dates

Arrive early/stay behind are provided on most of our international travel offers as an option to purchase. Any block out dates chosen by a purchaser for an arrive early or stay behind option are non-refundable and further fees and charges will apply to travel within these periods.  TripADeal reserves the right to charge the account holder any associated costs for selecting a blackout period date as all block out dates are listed within the Important Information section of the deal and available to customers prior to purchase.  For further information on arrive early and stay behind options, please see the Terms and Conditions