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Agnes Water, QLD

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Gold Coast Hinterland, QLD

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North West Tasmania

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Touring in Australia

Australia Travel Deals : Kangaroos

If you have never visited Australia, then you really do not know what you are missing. Taking a tour in Australia is an adventure that you will never forget. Australia is a fantastic country with many contrasts, from the beautiful Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory to the busy cities of Melbourne and Sydney.

Australia is often called “the outback”, which means desert land. Even though Australia is the sixth largest country in our world, much of it is uninhabited because of its massive area of desert land. Most visitors travelling to Australia fly directly into Melbourne, Sydney, Cairns or Brisbane. Located directly in the middle you will find Alice Springs, which the locals call “Alice”. You can reach Alice Springs from any major city. Most visitors want to visit Alice Springs because they want to see Ayres Rock, which is a truly spectacular sight. For a special treat, visitors should take a ride on the Ghan train. The Ghan Train runs all the way from Adelaide to Darwin.

Australia Travel Deals : Uluru

Going up a bit north is the town of Broome. Broom is well known for its camel rides, beautiful sandy beaches, pearls and its year-round high temperature of 90°+ F (30° C).

Jumping down south about 1,300 miles and you will reach the capital of Western Australia, Perth. Perth is the main centre for the mining industry of natural gas, mineral sands, iron ore, nickel, gold, oil, alumina and coal. Perth is a beautiful city to visit.

Moving on eastward, you will come to the capital of South Australia, Adelaide. Adelaide is blooming in history, character and charm, and many people call it “The City of Churches.”

Travelling on down southward, you will find Melbourne, which is the capital of Victoria. Melbourne is known for its delicious food and wonderful shopping. It is a cosmopolitan city full of restaurants and businesses that are run by the descendants of the immigrants from Asia, Greece and Italy. The city is home to the world’s largest tram, which adds a lot of character to Melbourne city.

Travel on northeast over the border to New South Wales, the capital of Sydney. The city is built inside beautiful harbours and is famous for the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. There is always something fun to do in Sydney, whether it is visiting the Royal Botanical Gardens, Darling Harbour, Hyde Park or Bondi Beach. There are also plenty of attractions and various museums for you to visit.

Australia Travel Deals : Ocean road

Moving along the coast northward approximately 575 miles, you will reach the capital of Queensland, Brisbane. Just before you reach Brisbane, you reach one of the most popular family destinations, the Gold Coast. The Gold Coast is known for its nightlife, skyscrapers and exciting theme parks – Whitewater World, Dreamworld, Movie World, Sea World and Wet ‘n’ Wild. Just north of Brisbane is Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. This area is home to the white sandy beaches Caloundra, Moolooaba, Coolum, Kawana and Noosa. Temperatures here stay on the average of 82°F (28°C) in the summer months. Not only does the Sunshine Coast attract many tourists, but also it is home for many of the Australian’s who decided to come work and live in this tropical paradise. There are plenty of suburbs located in the Sunshine Coast for families to settle in. Other than the beautiful beaches along the Sunshine Coast, the Australia Zoo is always a fun place to visit and see the kangaroos, crocodiles and other amazing wildlife that live in this region of the world. At the Underwater World in Moolooaba, you will see plenty of turtles, sharks and unique sea creatures. There are plenty of towns around the Queensland Coast including Townsville, Rockhampton, Bundaberg and Gladstone. These cities and towns benefit from tourism, fruit growing, mining, cattle farming and sugar cane.

Everyone visiting Queensland should stop off in Cairns to see the Great Barrier Reef and the beautiful rain forests. Take the overhead Skyrail over the reef to really appreciate its great beauty.

Before you leave, travel a bit west to visit Darwin. You will get a chance to see plenty of crocodiles here because of its tropical climate.

As you can see, Australia is such a large country with so much to see. A tour in Australia is definitely an experience to remember.

Sydney Tour

Australia Travel Deals : Sydney Harbour

Situated on the eastern coast of Australia, Sydney has proven time and time again the ultimate place to visit when heading down under. From rock climbing to harbour cruises and surfing, Sydney has it all. Some major attractions to see while on vacation to Sydney, Australia are exploring the Great Barrier Reef, hiking the Sydney Bridge, touring the Sydney Opera House, and visiting the Taronga Zoo. Below you will find more information on these attractions and others, and what makes them hard to resist while touring this beautiful coastal city.

Although located north of Sydney off the beautiful coast of Queensland, the Great Barrier Reef is a must see while on a Sydney tour. Numerous coral reefs and over 900 islands are just waiting to be explored. Below the ocean's surface there is a busy, exotic environment filled with 1000's of species of tropical fish and marine life. Take a chartered trip out to the Great Barrier Reef and dive into one of the most naturally beautiful sites in the world.

Before heading back into the city centre of Sydney, take a day to enjoy some of the many beaches that dot the coast from Queensland to Sydney. Manly Beach is the place to be for a relaxing lay in the sun. Once back in the city, stay in Pyrmont. Here you will have fabulous views of the Blue Mountains while also being minutes from great eats, shopping, and nightlife. Speaking of the Blue Mountains, if you are in Sydney during autumn make the extra time to trek out and see the changing foliage, extraordinary views, and fun festivals.

Australia Travel Deals : Sydney Harbour Bridge

The next stop on your Sydney tour should definitely include the Sydney Bridge. Get your courage up and test your bravery while hiking this iconic attraction. There are several types of climbs to experience such as the Discovery Climb or the Mandarin Climb. With 4 different climbs, all ages can enjoy this great site. There are also different times of the day to experience this breath holding adventure. From dawn to middle of the day, twilight and night, this activity is sure to be fun and exhilarating. Don't worry about falling, the Sydney Bridge Climb crews are experienced and properly strap you in before you begin your climb.

For a day of history and art, see the amazing Sydney Opera House. This magnificent piece of architecture was completed October 20, 1973, and was opened by Queen Elizabeth II. Taking about 14 years to build, the Sydney Opera House is filled with over 1000 rooms and 300 corridors. The Sydney Opera House boasts an architectural brilliance like you have never seen, so be sure to take a guided tour of this famous attraction. Also, in the evening the Opera House is drenched in every colour for a spectacular light show.

Before leaving Sydney, take a walk on the wild side over at the Taronga Zoo. Here you will find and array of animals to meet, greet, and feed. Other activities include spending time with the giraffes, encountering the sweet-faced koalas, and even taking on the important job of zookeeper for the day. The Taronga Zoo has also invested into saving particular species by setting up breeding programs on site to promote species protection. Although in Australia, the Taronga Zoo is home to animals from far-away lands. From African Lions to Fijian Crested Iguanas, the Taronga Zoo is a must see while on your Sydney tour.

So whether it's discovering exotic marine life, climbing to the sky, watching a fascinating light show, or hanging out with the animals, Sydney, Australia is the ultimate spot for an amazing dream vacation.

Melbourne Tour

Australia Travel Deals : Kangaroos 2

Lucky travellers going to Australia from another continent must take a Melbourne tour and see the southern-most coast of the country. Exotic wildlife and panoramic views of the water and the cliffs on the Great Ocean Road should not be missed.

A tour to Phillip Island opens up a whole new world of "things you won't see at home." Little blue penguins come up on shore in the evening to find their burrows, and visitors can watch from bleachers that are dimly lit enough to see them but not deter them. Koalas, wallabies, wombats and parrots are kept in natural habitats on the island for petting and feeding, and it is quite different than a trip to the zoo. The Australian Wildlife Park also has flying foxes, kangaroos, emus, dingoes, crocodiles and yes, Tasmanian devils. Who can pass up this opportunity?

The 12 Apostles, huge limestone stacks, tower over the coast and draw many visitors. This natural wonder is part of a Melbourne tour that includes other noteworthy sites and activities. The Gibson Steps are smooth, sturdy rock steps that descend down the cliff face to the beach. Visitors can get a little closer to the 12 Apostles from this vantage point and enjoy the light that shows up orange and brown streaks in the massive rock stacks.

Some Melbourne tours include cruises through coastal towns with little shops and eating establishments that are bound to have fresh seafood. Native arts and crafts are excellent gifts to take home so that friends and family will regard you with kindness and put their jealousy behind them.

Wetlands around Melbourne support a wide range of birds and small wild animals that can be viewed from the boat, and many tours include breakfast or lunch. This is a perk, admit it or not. Ferry rides go farther out so that visitors can see seals and dolphins on the way to yet another interesting destination.

The city of Port Phillip, just south of Melbourne, contains the Albert Park and Lake around which the Grand Prix Circuit races are run. Formula One car, sports cars and other types of racing cars run the circuit for three months out of the year. The other nine months, it is open for regular traffic and anyone can drive on it. That doesn't happen every day in most parts of the world.

A bush walk through an ancient rainforest is certainly of interest to many visitors to Melbourne. Trees in this forest are among the tallest in the world and well worth seeing. The Mait's Rest section of the rainforest has a walkway that passes by giant tree ferns, taking walkers back to a prehistoric land just minutes from a modern roadway. Imagine being surrounded by lush green plant life that grows only in this area near Melbourne.

Walking on the beach and looking into shallow rock-pools at your leisure is time well spent in Melbourne? This is included in a tour along the Great Ocean Road as well, and the scenery on the way is breathtaking. It is difficult or impossible not to see amazing views along any part of the southern coast.

The Loch Ard Gorge, near the 12 Apostles, is not only beautiful; it contains a famous shipwreck in Australian history. It is called the Loch Ard shipwreck, conveniently, so it won't be difficult to identify.

The town of Kennet River, on the coastal tour, has walkways for visitors that give glimpses of the famous kookaburra bird. A walker will also see lorikeets, parrots and koalas! Try doing that on another continent.

Melbourne is magical. Find out why soon!